New Designers with Tess Grant

New Designers is an event that provides a platform for emerging designers to showcase their talent as well as an opportunity to make new connections, collaborate and exchange ideas. It is he... Read More >

11 JULY 2019

New Designers 2019, Mitch Pilkington Ceramics,FEAT

One Year In with Jim Biddulph

Whilst New Designers celebrates those who have very recently graduated from their creative degree course, the show also houses One Year In; an exhibition of some of last years highlights and... Read More >

8 JULY 2019

Design Insider Spradling Valencia FEAT

Valencia C5 by Spradling

At Spradling, being up-to-the-minute is part of our philosophy, especially regarding colour and design. They have a global research and design team that constantly tracks the lates... Read More >

16 AUGUST 2019

Design Insider Ulster Carpets Sand Feat

Ulster puts Sand on Carpet!

Sand and carpet are not two elements that you would normally put together. However, thanks to the design sophistication and unique manufacturing capabilities of Ulster Carpets, it is possibl... Read More >

12 AUGUST 2019


ONE: Pippa Nissen

We continue to enjoy learning more about UK based designers in our ONE series, today we meet Pippa Nissen, Director at Nissen Richards Studio. Pippa Nissen is a Director of award-winning,... Read More >

8 AUGUST 2019


ONE: Gavin King

Continuing with our new series, we invited Gavin King to take part in ONE, where you can glimpse the passions, interests and unexpected choices of the individuals behind the UK’s design an... Read More >

21 JULY 2019