Industry News

Wood with Bisley

BCFA member Bisley known world wide for their metal storage, have take the opportunity to tell us more about their timber collections. As Europe’s leading manufacturer of steel storage, Bisley know how to get the best out of this great material, but less well known is their design capabilities with wood and that they even have… Read More >

19 September 2018

Regulations: Task Seating

For our next focus for our series looking at the regulations and requirements across each discipline, we look at what a designer needs to know when specifying task seating, with the assistance of Boss Design. What should a designer know about the difference between domestic and contract specifications? Compared to domestic furniture, contract furniture is… Read More >

17 September 2018

Evans Textiles Launches New User-Friendly Website

Manchester based business and BCFA member, Evans Textiles, has launched a new website that has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience. Customers can now easily browse Evans’ extensive product range, access detailed product information and order products through their ecommerce platform, Webtex. Evans Textiles’ new website offers visitors an enhanced user-experience with intuitive… Read More >

17 September 2018

Brintons triumphs at the National Flooring Innovation Awards 2018

The winners have been announced in the National Flooring Innovation Awards 2018 which sets out to identify products and services that are genuinely new and exceptional within the flooring sector. BCFA member Brintons has triumphed, winning two prestigious awards: Marketing Bring your home to life with Brintons Carpets: A stunning, room-size 3D model landscape was built… Read More >

14 September 2018

Considering our material roots

When considering the longevity and influence of all the materials that we know and use on the planet, it’s easy to conclude that, being the oldest, stone must carry the most significance to us a species. After all, all of the natural stone we know was formed over millennia, as the earth itself took shape…. Read More >

13 September 2018

Interface goes green with Carbon Neutral Floors

One of today’s ever growing issues is global warming, which impacts everyone. BCFA member Interface, a worldwide modular flooring company and global leader in sustainability, have created Carbon Neutral Floors™ to help lower your carbon footprint with one positive step. At the end of this article we will show you their new Biophilic guide –… Read More >

12 September 2018

Magic with Molten Glass and Moulds

In honour this month’s themes of process and wood, BCFA member Lasvit have allowed us to explore the process behind making of their lighting – without wood you would not have the amazing collections Lasvit offers today. We also show you their Moulds collection by Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus, a perfect example of the wooden form required to make their stunning… Read More >

10 September 2018

The story of wooden mouldings with Arqadia

During September Design Insider will focus on wood and processes, what better opportunity could we find to speak with Arqadia and discover more about how they process their timber mouldings! The process starts with the sawing of 60 year-old matured pine trees, with the wood then stored, climatised and taken through the kiln drying process…. Read More >

5 September 2018