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Interior Design Declares: FR petition

INTERIOR DESIGN DECLARES SUPPORTS THE SCIENCE PRESENTED BY SENIOR UK SCIENTISTS A new consensus on reconciling fire safety with environmental & health impacts of chemical flame retardants  “We, as Interior Designers, need to be responsible for the safety and sustainability of the furnishings that we specify. A new UK Scientific Consensus paper says that many… Read More >

27 March 2023

Istoria Group searches for female-owned ‘Micro Business’

Bristol’s Istoria Group launches competition to find and support local, female-owned ‘Micro Business’ Bristol-based creative business collective Istoria Group has launched a competition to find a regional, women-owned Micro Business to support as part of its Incubator Hub programme, whereby Istoria Group houses and helps guide fledgling businesses during their initial period of development. The… Read More >

7 March 2023


One of the leading independent furniture maker Boss Design is celebrating the anniversary of its founding and looking back on 40 years making high quality, beautifully designed, sustainable furniture for customers in the UK and around the world. Growing from start-up to global supplier, the company is recognised as one of the great success stories… Read More >

7 March 2023


Boss Design is embracing equality on International Women’s Day and calling for inclusion, freedom from bias and gender equality across nations, in business, sport, culture and throughout society. Find Boss Design on Product Finder Since 2019, the company has been celebrating the achievement of women in all fields by naming key new furniture products after… Read More >

7 March 2023

Improved Wellbeing Through Relaxation with Silent Gliss

Over recent weeks we have been looking at the varied ways in which Wellbeing is being addresses throughout the commercial interiors sector and have explored projects with guest wellbeing at their heart, key approaches to wellbeing by Interior Designers and products which improve their user’s wellbeing. It’s not just the wellbeing of hospitality guests and… Read More >

24 February 2023

Radical in Nature

At the beginning of a new year, we’re always reminded that things come and then go. Whilst trade shows and exhibitions themselves are back to the cycle and ever-moving flow of pre-pandemic times, the designers and work on show continue to be relevant. Dutch Design Week is one of the standout events in the annual… Read More >

15 February 2023

Top 3 workplace trends in 2023 with Amtico

British flooring manufacturer Amtico shares its insights into workplace design trends for 2023. Louisa Eyles, Commercial Marketing Manager, discusses the connection between sanctuary spaces, wayfinding and wellbeing. [Find Amtico through Product Finder] Wellness is going to be a key focal point in workplace design throughout 2023, with emphasis placed on designing office spaces centred around… Read More >

15 February 2023

Newmor Trends for 2023

Newmor has built a reputation for their trends forecast. We caught up with Rose Campbell, head of design and marketing to hear about their seven trend predications for 2023. Each trend has been interpreted into a series of palettes, Rose explains: “This forecast comes after a year of many challenges we have faced as a… Read More >

23 January 2023

The Bauhaus Effect

Many of us know Bauhaus as one of the most influential movements of the 20th century, dominating many mediums of European art throughout the 1920’s to 1930’s. Following the rebrand Commercial Interiors UK, which was creatively influenced by the style of Bauhaus, we look at how the movement began, the effect it’s had on everyday… Read More >

7 December 2022

Brand Identity: BCFA becomes Commercial Interiors UK

After over 50 years supporting the commercial interiors sector the BCFA secured the future of the association, enabling them to be even louder in sharing knowledge, education and providing business support in everything from exporting to sustainability, by launching a new brand identity, and their new name, Commercial Interiors UK. A new strategy for the… Read More >

16 November 2022

Commercial Interiors UK

After over 50 years supporting the commercial interiors sector the BCFA knows that the way for the association to be even louder in sharing knowledge, education and providing business support in everything from exporting to sustainability is to update their brand, and change their name to Commercial Interiors UK. At Design Insider we are hugely… Read More >

4 November 2022

Hypnos Launch: Hotel Hypnos

Hypnos Contract Beds, the largest provider of hospitality beds in the UK and makers of award-winning, sustainably made beds and mattresses, has announced the launch of Hotel Hypnos – a series of in-depth conversations in which Hypnos partners with experts from different sectors of the hospitality and interior design industry, to share their expert advice,… Read More >

6 October 2022