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Paris says “Bonjour” to a new Milliken Showroom

After London, New York, Chicago, Shanghai and Beijing it is now the turn of Paris – Our city of the month, to welcome Milliken flooring brand to it’s beautiful streets… Milliken’s first showroom in continental Europe, located at 40 rue des Mathurins in the 8th district of the capital, between the Saint-Lazare station and the… Read More >

19 January 2018

VeloCity: a car free future

Congratulations to Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design ‘VeloCity’ team who been named by The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) and Malcolm Reading Consultants as the winners of The Cambridge to Oxford Connection: Ideas Competition.  The scheme champions a car free future for placemaking. The all-women team collaborated to create a place-based vision – VeloCity – and together they determined to employ… Read More >

17 January 2018

Care Sector Q&A: James Parr of YTM Group

YTM Group produce and supply design-led contract furniture that is handmade in Britain. They manufacture for the hospitality, education and care sector. YTM Group Ltd is currently undertaking a huge new business development strategy to stay ahead of the rapidly changing care home furniture market. We sat down with their Head of Marketing, James Parr… Read More >

13 December 2017

Designer’s Muse: Junea by Peter Roth, Burgess

For this months short film we visited Burgess Furniture to find out more about their latest product release which breaks the mould from their previous product offering, moving from their classic selection of stack-able chairs to a stylish rocking chair, that still uses the same metal bending techniques that is used in their full collection…. Read More >

7 December 2017

Have Your Say…

In the Forth of our new discussion series ‘Have Your Say’ we are posing the question ‘Should the patient experience be re-imagined?’ Can healthcare designers learn from non-healthcare environments in order to re-imagine the patient experience? We would love to open a discussion questioning which innovative ideas from the workplace, hospitality and retail sectors could be applied within healthcare.  Are… Read More >

7 December 2017

Regulations: Curtains & Drapes

In the latest in our series looking at the regulations and requirements across each discipline we look at what a designer needs to know when specifying Curtains and Drapes with the assistance of Carolyn Mitchell, Sales Director at Style Library Contract. What should a designer know about the difference between domestic and contract specifications? We believe the designer… Read More >

5 December 2017

Airbnb: An Opportunity!

In the Second of our new discussion series ‘Have Your Say’ we posed the question ‘Is Airbnb an opportunity or a threat?’  We had an interesting response, none more passionate than that from Leanne Wookey, Director at interior design and branding studio NoChintz. Airbnb is an online marketplace and hospitality service, enabling people to lease or rent… Read More >

1 December 2017

Hospitality on the move…

The definition of hospitality is a warm, generous treatment of visitors, guests or strangers. So, when specifying or buying with transport environments in mind we shouldn’t forget what we set out to do with any interior space – Make the person using the area feel comfortable, relaxed and welcome. Global textile innovator, Camira has recently… Read More >

30 November 2017