Paris Inspired Dash Restaurant with Versital

The site of the former night clubs Living Room and Sugar Hut in Liverpool has seen a major transformation in the hands of Wroot Design into an elegant dining destination and vibrant VIP basement club, with the help of BCFA member Versital.

Design Insider Versital Dash Tables

“I was in Paris and went into this particular bar and was absolutely blown away by it. With the building being an old building in the city centre, with columns inside and outside and with all of the details, we thought it would be amazing to bring back an elegant, classy and vintage kind of look with a modern, high-end twist.” – Dean Jones, Owner.

Created to bring a touch of European culture, the restaurant and bar are great additions to the city. Located on Victoria Street in one of the historic sites, the building has became host to the newest dining and night life destinations. The recently opened Dash restaurant and XOXO night club, offering a taste of Parisian evening culture brought to the centre of Liverpool.

The stunning, high-end restaurant is a true gem adding to the long heritage of the city. The new owners of the venue decided to remodel the location by taking inspiration from the European trip of the owner.

Design Insider Versital Dash Dining

“The design of Dash restaurant is perfect for the venue – a great mix of classic and modern style with the use of marble finishes from Versital combined with modern lighting and metal details.” – Gemma Stockberger, Versital.

The feel of the restaurant is deeply rooted in the Parisian culture of the 70s and 80s. It is also a nudge towards the current, and very trendy high end design, which blends elements of the old and the new.

Working with Wroot Design the owners conceived a project with a unique feel, never before seen in Liverpool. The impressive toned down colour palette is matched by a wide range of lights that help to keep the venue bright and vibrant.

Design Insider Versital Dash Bar

“It has been exciting to create a new space for the social scene of Liverpool and I believe that there is nothing quite like this in Liverpool so it has been a rather enjoyable project.” – Fiona, Wroot Design.

The original staircase leading to the restaurant has been retained, leading customers up to a glass door with etched Dash Signature. Inside the venue, they are welcomed by a striking mixture of diamond patterned black and white floors and colour scheme of blossom and teal.

One of the first points that greets the customers is the enormous 10 metre bar top in ‘Arabesque’ marble finish from Versital. With the stylish stools offering seating for visitors and the full length spirit display the bar creates a captivating modern look adding to the overall design of the venue.  The designers decided to include the option of back lighting the bar top for a striking evening look.
Design Insider Versital Dash Seating

“The colour palette and choice of style really suits the heritage building. We are always delighted to work on such beautiful projects, bringing something new to cities like Liverpool. Versital is an ideal material for busy venues like Dash. All of the table tops and bar tops are fully water proof and stain proof. With their natural marble look they offer a great alternative to the natural material. – Gemma Stockberger, Versital.

Beyond the bar, the restaurant offers sitting in curved booths, as well as 15 stand alone tables for smaller groups of people. For larger, more exclusive parties, the venue has a sophisticated dining room ideal for business lunches or occasion parties.

All of the table tops across the restaurant have been provided by Versital in the ‘Arabesque’ marble finish. The room is finished off with a dazzling ceiling, filled with an expanse of high and low hanging chandeliers, adding to the classy finish.

Design Insider Versital Dash Worktop

“This is everything to me.  This is the biggest building I have ever taken on and the biggest project I have ever taken on. Having looked at the building for the last 11 years and dreaming of what it could be, it is a proud achievement for me to now be doing this and to bringing something so amazing to the city.” – Dean Jones, Owner.

The venue has become a massive success, with the design of it a great nod towards the beauty of old, while still looking towards the future.

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