Product Focus: Scroll Lamp by Chelsom

We caught up with Chelsom to learn a little more about their latest product release Scroll Lamp.

Chelsom - Scroll lamp 2

What was the brief for Scroll Lamp? 

We wanted to create a range that was simple and contemporary. We wanted it to be lightweight and have as few solid metal parts as possible, hence the lack of a conventional table or floor lamp base. It was important to have a downward facing shade so that light could be thrown onto a desk or, in the case of the floor lamp, over someone’s shoulder as they read in a chair.

What inspired its simple form?

The metal tubes used are supposed to be very linear. We liked the idea of using domestic pipes as light fittings and this was a much more refined and simple variation of that concept.

What makes this product special?

Mainly good finish and quality. Although this design is very simple, it is hugely valuable to a room scheme because of the quality shown in the chroming and special Black Bronze finish. Different shades can be used to create very different looks, whether simple off white cotton for a contemporary finish or rich, textured linens to give a much warmer effect.

What’s next?

We are working hard on finalising our collection for release in May 2018. Edition 26 will be launched at another one of Chelsom’s special parties and the designs are set to be bigger and bolder than ever. Watch this space.

If you sum up ‘Good Design’ in one word, what would it be? And why?

Original. It is important to set yourself apart in the marketplace.

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