Product Watch: Configure Collection by Shaw Contract Group

Deconstructed patterns are leading the way – Shaw Contract Group introduces Configure Collection

Encouraging connectivity in open plan spaces, Shaw Contract Group launches Configure, extending its Hexagon collection introduced in 2013. The four new carpet styles – Plane, Base, Contact and Color Shift – allow specifiers to create unique arrangements in a variety of colours and endless layout design possibilities.


Shaw Contract Group’s VP of Design Reesie Duncan explains what inspired Configure: “When we developed Hexagon in 2013, workplace design was shifting to the open model – with emphasis on social connections and the many types of activities that take place within a workspace. Now, three years later, the concept continues to evolve. We see the blurring of boundaries and the concept of moveable paths and visual cues to create an intuitive experience. Deconstructing the hexagon is a sophisticated way to integrate these concepts on the floor.”


The four design-led styles add definition in an organic way, and provide different options to incorporate scale and directional cues. 

Plane: The foundation of the collection. Plane is one of the original Hexagon collection styles, updated with 14 new colour options.

Base: A 9-colour, neutral palette of shifting shapes that are both graphic and subtle.

Contact: A neutral style with a vibrant colour edge. Can be used as a transition piece or for minimal colour accents. Available in 6 colours.

Color Shift: Available in 5 saturated colours for visual impact. This style works well with Contact.


Hexagon is Cradle to Cradle Certified CM Silver and uses premium EcoSolution Q® fibre with 45 percent recycled content. All tiles feature EcoWorx backing, which is completely recyclable, PVC-free, and contains 44 percent recycled content.

Compared to traditional PVC, EcoWorx has eight times greater tear strength, five times greater tensile strength, and two times greater delamination strength, all while ensuring safety for human health and the environment.

Shaw carpet products, including Hexagon, can contribute to 5 LEED points including recycled content, low-emitting materials and innovation in design. This is especially important with LEED Version 4 becoming a standard in November; amongst other requirements it demands material transparency – a better understanding of the products being used in a building and where they have come from.


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