Product Watch: Embrace Inward Folding Bath Screen by Roman

Roman, international market leading shower designer and manufacturer, has introduced a new inward folding bath screen to their already diverse and all-encompassing collection.

The brand new Embrace Inward Folding Bath Screen has been added to Roman’s ever growing collection of stylish over the bath showering solutions. Make sure your shower over the bath is indulgent with this minimalist and power shower approved Bath Screen. It features one fixed panel and one inward opening panel, which provides easy access into the bath for showering and when cleaning. When the inward panel is folded away this allows for easy cleaning without stepping into the bath, presenting a safer and more practical option. The inward folding design also presents easy access for bathing small children.

The discreet nature of this minimalist power shower approved Bath Screen ensures it avoids contact with all existing bathroom furniture, making it the ideal space saving solution for the smaller bathroom. As the folding panel only opens inwards it can be installed into your current bathroom without interfering with your existing layout. Bath Screens are ideal to add to ensuites providing an extra shower, especially in a busy family home.

It is 1500mm high with 6mm thick glass and features a bright silver frame, which will go with any bathroom décor. It incorporates 25mm of adjustment in the profile so presents flexibility when being installed. When the folding panel is open the width is 910mm and when it is stowed away the width is 550mm. It features a chrome brass pivot blocks on the opening and closing mechanism to add a stylish and practical addition to this power shower approved Bath Screen.

Roman’s range of bath screens allows you to choose the best one to suit your style and requirements, whilst always adding a luxurious and polished touch to your bathroom. You can always make a style statement in your bathroom, whilst also adding complete practicality, with one of Roman’s Bath Screens.

David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman, commented: “With Bath Screens continuing to be a popular choice in the UK bathroom, we want to provide people with different design options so they can have a great looking bathroom and luxurious showering experience without installing a large shower enclosure. Our Bath Screens follow the trends of our Shower Enclosures, so they are minimalist with thicker glass – just because you are showering over the bath doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style or water delivery.”

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