PRODUCT WATCH: Newmor Release 2 New Beautiful Collections

Newmor have released two NEW collections, the beautiful ‘Watercolours’ collection and the a new designer collaboration with textile artist, Ptolemy Mann.

Ptolemy Mann Collection

Newmor’s new collaboration brings Ptolemy Mann’s signature ikat prints and hand-woven design to commercial wallcoverings market with a collection of fabric backed vinyl wallcovering designs.

Vortex Red Room (669x800)

Ptolemy Mann has been on the scene since 1997, and her unique approach to hand dyeing and weaving wall-based artworks had become the basis of modern day Bauhaus philosophy of product and art making. This collection has been developed as an exclusive collection with Newmor, that can be rescaled, recoloured and printed onto any of their wallcoverings, including textures and metalics.

There are 9 amazing designs, that have been digitally created from Mann’s rugs and fabrics. Some are solely focus on the stunning transitioning colours, and others reproduce the surfaces of the material they are based on

Mann said;

“I really believe that new digital printing technology can be used to bridge the gap between hand-crafted and industrial production. I’m interested in daring and dynamic colours but with neutral components which make the designs easy to apply to hospitality interiors.

It’s been great working with Newmor – I love that everything they produce is made here in the UK – very special…It’s great when you get a good match between craft, art and industry; that’s when ideas flow and projects get creative”.

Watercolour Collection

Designed and hand-painted by Newmor’s design team, the water colours range is the latest addition to the Newmor Custom Collection. All of the designs can be recoloured, rescaled and printed onto any of Newmor’s vast range of wallcoverings, including textures, metallics and window films.

Watercolour Geometric is a large scale fusion of geometrics and watercolours. Nebulous indigos and luminous opalescent shades combine with hazy, weathered surfaces which fade in a vertical ombre effect.

Watercolour Geometric Copper (800x800)This hand-painted design has been digitally manipulated to create a delicate floral mural featuring inky, layerd shades and brush strokes. Watercolour Botanical can be recoloured to suit any scheme.

Watercolour Botanical Blue (800x533)Watercolour Stripe is the full watercolour effect…soft, shalky tones alongside bold, dispersing pigment and sweeping brush strokes, The horizontal stripe adds a fresh, contemporary take on the trend.

watercolour stripe mint (800x600)Tiled effects are versatile and offer endless options for custimisation. Watercolour Tiles can be rescaled, recoloured and printed onto any of Newmor’s base materials.

Watercolour Tiles Cobalt (800x605) This range brings cutting edge trends to the commercial wallcoverings market. All of Newmor Custom designs are printed onto wide-width contract quality fabric backed vinyl wallcoverings which are suitable for high traffic areas.




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