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Knightsbridge Furniture has been working with award-winning designer, David Fox, to create a dynamic Seating collection that encompasses British heritage at its best.

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Collaborating with Knightsbridge’s in-house design team headed by Jason Brown, inspiration was taken from British design history. The team looked at classic motorcycles, high end shoemakers and apparel design to inspire this collection.

Reflecting on previous collaborations, Jason and David looked closely at the values of each market sector Knightsbridge provides solutions for, especially taking in the success of their last range called Bebop. This helped shape the dynamic and each unique feature which is so in-demand for the modern interiors of today.

Focusing on the solid wood legs, David looked to an image of Winston Churchill and his infamous cigars. Machining the legs to resemble this inspiration proved difficult at first, as the shape fell on a double compound curve, but the Knightsbridge team found a way to bring David’s vision to life with its in-house turning facility.

The News Collection comprises of three seating solutions with tables to follow in 2021. It is ideal for any hotel, leisure or corporate scheme where comfort and style matter. Knightsbridge is extremely pleased to be working with David again to provide luxury, beautifully designed furniture.

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