Recycling at Trevira: Sustainable in many ways

Trevira GmbH  is a European manufacturer of polyester speciality fibres and filament yarns for the textile industry, among them permanently flame retardant fibres and yarns for contract textiles under the brand name Trevira CS and Trevira CS Bioactive. From the curtains to upholstery fabrics, from wall coverings to partition blinds, from interior solar protection to acoustic fabrics, Trevira CS fabrics are versatile. They create a safe, attractive and comfortable environment for hospitality, hospitals, public spaces, and cruise ships.

Trevira pursues various approaches to meet the demand for different requirements on sustainable products. This is, for example, demonstrated by the new Trevira CS eco brand, that unites the two properties of flame retardancy and sustainability. Under this new brand, Trevira offers products which have been manufactured through different recycling processes. On the one hand, this is the production of flame retardant filament yarns based on recycled PET bottles that consist of 50 % recycled content (Post-Consumer).

On the other, it is a manufacturing process making use of residual waste. When polyester fibres are made, the process inevitably results in some residual waste. However, this waste is actually a precious resource that can be recycled for further use. To ensure resource- efficient use of materials, Trevira is committed to feed residual waste back into the production process wherever possible. In an agglomeration facility residual materials are reprocessed in order to create new serviceable raw materials. These processed recyclates retain the same characteristics as the original products (such as flame retardancy) and are thus equally high performing. They can be deployed in the fibre and filament spinning mills to make new, high-quality products. Fibres thus created can be processed into yarns that consist of 100 % recycled material (Pre-Consumer).

The Trevira CS eco brand is available for fabrics that consist of at least 50 % recycled

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