Relax with Larson-Juhl’s new Chaise Longue

Larson-Juhl UK, Britain’s leading supplier of picture frames, has recently launched a brand-new range of mouldings called Chaise Longue.

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Chaise Longue is an elegant and stylish collection inspired by nature and luxury décor. The frames have an organic and ergonomic shape and come in two profiles with a range of artisan inspired metal finishes – gold, silver, champagne, copper and pewter – ideal for a vast spectrum of interiors.

With its classy design and metallic accents, the Chaise Longue range is sure to draw the eye and enhance everything from the simplest monochrome drawings and photography, as well as more colourful pieces.

Beautifully framed artwork can make a hugely important contribution to interior design. It is an essential part of many interior spaces and can help define both the personality of the building and those visiting, working and living inside. Artwork can be used to create a focal point in a room, add depth, and bring together a theme – whatever the style, framing can be relied upon to add an element of character, help to create the desired atmosphere and to tell a story.

Larson-Juhl offers a sample service for interior designers to help with concept boards and design proposals – as well as giving a real view of the material and dimension of the picture frames.

With over 2,500 beautiful mouldings available on their website, Larson-Juhl UK’s products range from the simple to elaborate, classic to contemporary, wood, metal, natural materials, modern finishes, with a rainbow of colours. New products are launched every couple of months, and they are always looking to pick up on current trends as well as lead the way when it comes to innovation in both framing and interior design.

And why stop at art? Larson-Juhl’s frames can be used for memorabilia of all sorts, accessories, conservation framing and glazing products.

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