Roca’s CPD programme for architects and interior designers

A world leader in bathrooms, Roca’s fully accredited RIBA CPD programme was launched in 2013 and has been presented to over 2,000 architects and designers across the UK and Ireland. Focusing on key issues around bathroom design and product development, our CPDs for architects and designers offer a variety of subjects which can be delivered physically or digitally including presentations and tours. Our expert trainers are available on a flexible basis to provide the most up to date information, giving you the key details required for planning bathroom projects and expanding your knowledge.

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Specifying Water Efficient Design for the Hotel Industry: Seminar/Webinar (45mins)

By identifying strategies and processes required to achieve a holistic approach to water management, this presentation guides attendees through the practical steps that can be taken at the design, construction and operational stages of a project. While outlining the issues surrounding global water scarcity and its impact on design, the CPD presentation highlights emerging technologies and uses case studies to demonstrate how water and energy consumption can be reduced without impacting upon user satisfaction.

Guided Tour of the Roca London Gallery: Tour (45mins)

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in 2011, the Roca London Gallery is a multi-award winning space that represents the dynamic continuation of Roca’s rich history of innovation.

During this CPD for architects and designers, attendees have the opportunity to meet the team behind this unique space and learn the fascinating story of how the architecture took shape. By examining the conceptual and technical development of the project, the tour analyses the initial challenges presented by the existing building, the design concept and spatial strategies and gives an in-depth look at the processes and materials used to achieve the iconic double curvature of the interior.

Tours can be booked for individuals or groups of up to 30.

Film (34mins)

Watch the RIBA accredited CPD film Guided Tour of the Roca London Gallery featuring Zaha Hadid Design Directors, Woody Yao and Maha Kutay, Construction Manager, Gonzalo Coello de Portugal and Roca’s Head of Marketing, David Bromell. This documentary film captures the stunning architecture of the interior while delivering a detailed insight into the construction and design approach to this unparalleled space.

Watch here.

Shaping the Bathroom Space of the Future: Seminar/Webinar (45mins)

This presentation focuses on key considerations that are influencing current and future bathroom spaces. Our expert team highlight new technologies and innovations in the bathroom environment, with particular attention to sustainable and versatile solutions. Ground breaking products and new material advances for hygiene are also explored, along with recent developments in SMART technology. Finally, the presentation offers helpful advice on managing restrictions and challenges in the bathroom, while maintaining a high-quality experience.

WC Pan with Integrated Cistern: Article

Read how innovative design of this WC makes it possible to incorporate a concealed cistern inside the pan, removing the requirement to install the cistern and flush plate into the wall. Practical information includes steps on how the WC is installed, how the flush mechanism is operated and finally the environmental benefits of using this product.

Read here.

The Roca CPD programme is part of the RIBA Core Curriculum. The CPD Programme can be booked for individuals or groups. Online or in-person presentations can be hosted at your workplace or the Roca London Gallery.

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Knowledge Level: General Awareness

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