Roca’s Immersive Installation Inspired by Mediterranean and Ona Collection

Roca brings the Mediterranean to Milan with Influence, a large-scale architectural installation, designed by Cobalto Stufio, inspired by the Mediterranean and Roca’s new Ona Collection.

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Designed by Barcelona based Cobalto Studio, Influence explores the vernacular architecture of the Mediterranean, honoring its idiosyncrasies and exploring its relationship with contemporary artistic practices. Cobalto’s approach to design emphasises the importance of this culture and heritage in all their works, and Influence is no exception. Cobalto Studio founder Gabriel Escámez adds: “Influence is a space for reflection where, through the senses, we can form an understanding of and connection to that which surrounds us.”

Throughout Influence can be found selected pieces from the Ona collection, whose soft shapes and warm colours are the ideal complement to the naturalist and vernacular aesthetic of the installation. Like traditional Mediterranean architecture, Ona seeks to create spaces of wellness, purity and connection.

Roca’s newest collection for the bathroom space, Ona combines innovative design and cutting-edge technology to achieve new standards of hygiene, comfort and sustainability.

As part of the INTERNI Design Re-Generation event, which aims to generate new design proposals in which sustainability is the key to a new way of living, Influence employs reusable materials and borrows from the notion of resource optimisationmaking the most of available resources while generating the smallest environmental impact.

Roca’s installation offers an open dialogue between philosophy, materiality and sustainability, enriched with a sensory experience. The result is an authentic, immersive installation that transports visitors to a Mediterranean oasis.

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