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Amtico International is a British manufacturer of luxury flooring products. As pioneers of luxury vinyl tiles, made in Coventry since 1964, its enduring performance, collaborative creativity and unrivalled expertise have enabled Amtico to become respected industry leaders. After 28 years, the Amtico flooring installed at London’s Royal Academy of Music was still in perfect condition. So, when its sub-floor began to crumble and refurbishment was unavoidable, Amtico was the first choice to provide a replacement.

In the early 1990s, the venue underwent an interior renovation which saw its main lower-floor corridor fitted with stylish wood-effect Amtico flooring. A classic Stripwood laying pattern was used to complement Amtico’s warmly-toned Washed Teak, while richly-hued Dark Walnut in a bevelled Diamond pattern was used to visually segment the long, linear space.

Yet, the subfloor beneath wasn’t so durable. As it began to crumble renovation became unavoidable despite the Amtico LVT flooring looking immaculate. Pleased with the success of its previous installation, the venue decided to choose new Amtico to take its place. The existing flooring had provided the longevity and durability needed to cope with the high volume of students and guests, so the smart replacement would be re-installing new Amtico LVT as part of the renovation.

The tour de force of the project is the incorporation of the Royal Academy of Music’s logo, a masterpiece crafted using the flexibility of LVT. Amtico’s in-house creative team used advanced cutting capabilities and CAD to create the bespoke crest laying pattern. The logo is made from Amtico Dark Walnut and Washed Teak to complement the Bevelled Diamond Border and create a memorable impression in the grand space.

Maintenance Officer at the Royal Academy of Music states:

“The main objective was to choose replacement flooring that would once again last for decades to come, naturally we couldn’t install anything but Amtico. It was important for the end-result to be in keeping with the Academy’s prominence, so we chose to continue the traditional look of wood grain in the Stripwood pattern. One of the key differences was the inlay of parquet within the Diamond Border, which gives an element of the heritage of the building. “

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