Satelliet Originals: New Commercial Designs Launched at Salone del Mobile.Milano

Satelliet Originals was born from the need to create a European hospitality furniture collection with its own recognisable signature. This also includes a strong message. A message that makes it clear what Satelliet Originals stands for. Being original simply means being yourself. That is what makes you unique. Every product created by our designers. embodies hospitality, quality, strength, diversity, individuality, inspiration, relevance and functionality. This is the promise of Satelliet Originals.

Dutch Design created by our Originals.

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After their presence at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last February, Satelliet Originals were excited to be part of the Salone del Mobile; the world’s largest and leading furniture and design fair!

With expertise and creativity a new line of furniture was made, exclusively designed by Dutch designers. Every Original design has its own characteristics and signature look and feel.

Due to the premium quality and tailor-made options, Originals offer a unique and versatile collection for the hospitality sector. Dutch design radiates international allure, and what better place to prove that than at the Salone del Mobile! 

New Products Launched for the Commercial Interior Sector

Pebble: Designed by Erik Remmers

Designer Erik Remmers rediscovered his love for product design. After studying furniture design, he joined a design agency 14 years ago and focused on interior design. Recently, he took up his sketchpad again and designed the wooden Pebble chair and bar stool for Satelliet Originals, as a counterpoint to what he sees as the one-sided supply of steel-framed furniture.

‘I am a wood enthusiast. Wood brings charm and suits my accessible design style, which is simple and without fuss.’

Remmers wanted to make a chair that is also beautiful at the back. “Often the focus is on the front, but once you sit down in a catering interior you no longer see that beauty. Pebble has slender, tapered legs and a nicely curved wooden detail at the back against the softly upholstered back.”

In addition to a chair and a bar stool, the collection also includes a lounge variant of the cuddly Pebble. “My design language is simple, without fuss and my designs are focused on the application. I think it’s great to see that within Originals there is also room for designers with a different slant, more conceptually. That individuality is what makes the Satellite Originals collection so attractive.”

ReUnited: Designed by Lars Snellaars

Lars Snellaars graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2006 and has been working in his own design studio ever since. For him the most beautiful product to design is a chair. He calls it pure architecture. To Lars a chair is much more than a tool. A chair is defined by its vision, form and functionality, with the individual in his environment as its focal point.

ReUnited is a typical Snellaars design: with a clear story and functional design. The ReUnited chair refers to that lively period a century ago, interpreted through the removal of rigid, angular shapes, replaced by soft and round forms. 

The best products are created in practice, he thinks. “If you design from a specific question and context, there is always an urgency in such a chair or piece of furniture”

“Roaring Twenties refers to that lively period a century ago, after the Spanish Flu and the First World War. Even now after Covid, people need to enjoy, party. No tight, angular shapes but soft and round, low in intimate seating and high at the bar, and comfortable enough to sit on for an evening. The chair is rotatable, so you can see everyone coming in while sitting at the bar. The design is striking, in Art Deco style with a cross in the back, a shape that is also reflected on the walls. The upholstery is nice and convex and soft, and then those fringes hey. You don’t need them, but they do make everything more fun. This chair just looks forward to it.”

Code: Designed by Chris Montijn-Spiering and Wessel Storms

Chris Montijn-Spiering and Wessel Storms, both part of the design team that works under the name Studio Satelliet, can be found at Satelliet’s production sites with great regularity. There they can closely follow the dynamic process from design to production.

Satelliet Originals focuses on the future of sustainable hospitality furniture. They do this by continuously making sustainable decisions and using SUM (Still Usable Materials) to create great new products. At Originals, they firmly believe that contemporary, sustainable furniture should be used in an interior concept because it is beautiful and comfortable. In this way, you contribute to a sustainable future, without compromising on appearance and quality. When we strive for sustainability, beautiful partnerships are born and together they can make a difference.

Code is produced from 100 percent ‘post consumer waste’ and is made in Indonesia. The process to create Code is twofold:

  1. The frame of the chair is made of recycled aluminum. Post consumer aluminium is collected and processed into extruded pipes. Then a frame then built, welded and powder coated.
  2. The seat and back are made of recycled plastic. The plastics are sorted by colour and then remelted, creating the characteristic base colour with cheerful speckles.

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