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Tron is a special collection for Knightsbridge as it is the result of a collaboration with Bruce Kenneth, a friend and industry peer of the team at Knightsbridge. Bruce is a furniture designer from West Yorkshire and a regular maker on BBC 1’s Money for Nothing. As an up-and-coming designer with heaps of passion, creativity and talent, Knightsbridge were keen to work with Bruce to bring their ideas together to create the new range.

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Inspired by angles and motion, the Tron range evokes a sense of movement. Fascinated by the sense of static objects appearing ‘in action’, Bruce brought this detail to the project as a key inspiration behind the piece. Harkening back to architecture, the Tron range has been designed with clean, hard lines, in turn creating interesting geometric shapes within the chair frame and table legs. In Bruce’s words, the piece “takes your eye on a journey around the chair” to evoke a personality and dynamic motion to the piece.

With regards to its intended home, the range has been predominantly designed for healthcare settings, upholding Knightsbridge’s ethos to bring function and style to working or living environments through modern furniture design. Often it is typical to find quite antiquated furniture within healthcare settings, which is something that Bruce and Knightsbridge wanted to turn on its head. The Tron collection is reminiscent of mid-century furniture, which people within care homes today may have bought themselves or been used to seeing in the 50s and 60s. The Tron collection brings this nostalgia back to them but in a strong contemporary way. This has been a purposeful design move for the two furniture designers to evoke a sense of familiarity and comfort with a touch of modernity for residents within healthcare and care home settings.

The collection includes a highback lounge chair, midback lounge chair, upright chair and 25 tables in Dining, Occasional and Coffee table heights, available in various shapes and sizes. 

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