Sedus All-Purpose Chair: se:spot Stool

Sedus is a global player which continually redefines the concept of aesthetic office furniture and gives a new and timeless quality to the office environment. Recently launched, the Sedus bar stool “se:spot stool”, an all-purpose chair, recently awarded the coveted German Design Award 2020 Gold, is now also available as a bar stool and is available in two heights.

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The “se:spot stool” is especially suitable for temporary teamwork and meetings, networking and informal work: in break, project and meeting rooms, at counters and the many work hubs in open office landscapes. And, of course, in combination with the Sedus Highdesks.

As an efficient alternative to classic meeting and conference chairs, the “se:spot stool” with its homelike look and feel is a welcome seating solution during breaks or for spontaneous get-togethers with colleagues.

The new bar stool is also available in the “studio” version, an intermediate height which is perfectly compatible with tables about 900 mm high. Compared to the regular bar stool height, the “studio” height makes it easier to sit down or stand up spontaneously. Standing seats, which encourage the permanent and intuitive change between a sitting and standing position, have similar dimensions. The “se:spot stool”, however, guarantees even better support. Comfortable bar stools with a homelike appeal are particularly in demand in communication promoting offices.

The “se:spot stool” range impresses with its excellent seating comfort as the shape and contour of the seat shell ensure exemplary seating ergonomics. The frames are available in two versions: the stackable skid model made of chrome-plated steel and the four-legged model made of black beech or natural oak wood. The “se:spot stool” family offers sheer endless variability. As a highlight, the stools are available with a comfortable seat and backrest upholstery which is easy to change and clean.

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