Shining a Light on Innovation: Nordlux’s Luminous Presence at Light + Building 2024

In the heart of Frankfurt am Main, from 3 to 8 March 2024, Light + Building emerged as the epicentre of lighting and building-services technology, drawing over 151,000 visitors and 2,169 exhibitors from around the globe. This premier event showcased the latest in lighting trends, home and building automation, and connected security technology, emphasizing the role of intelligent, connected buildings in reducing emissions and advancing climate goals.

Amidst this congregation of innovation, Nordlux stood out! In this exclusive interview Heather Scott, Specification and Marketing expert, offers her insights into Nordlux’s standout showcase, their commitment to sustainability, and the lighting design trends that captured attention at the event, underlining Nordlux’s pivotal role in shaping the future of the lighting industry.

As a leader in innovative lighting solutions, what motivated Nordlux to participate in Light + Building 2024, and how does this align with the company’s vision and goals?

We feel it is important for us to attend Light+Building as its the international meeting place for manufacturers from the lighting, electrical engineering, home and building automation and connected security technology sectors. It is a great opportunity for us to introduce the brand on an international level. The show communicates that optimum lighting demands intelligent, connected, customised, energy-efficient and future-oriented lighting solutions that focus on the human need for ‘perfect light’ in all fields of life. Our vision has always been to Lift People’s Quality of Life with Light, meaning that we strive to create a positive impact through our product development. Light+Building gives us the opportunity to showcase our continued development of design and technology at the industry’s biggest platform.

Can you share insights on how Nordlux’s showcase at Light + Building 2024 was received by attendees and how it compared to the reception of other exhibitors?

All visitors to our stand conveyed their admiration for the exceptional presentation and quality of how our brand was showcased, as well as the superior craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal of the products we displayed. We were elated with the traffic and the quality of the people who visited our stand and other exhibitors after exchanging comments agreed that the attendee participation was excellent this year.

The event highlighted the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency in lighting design. How is Nordlux addressing these critical issues through its products and practices?

Nordlux Group holds strong ambitions to contribute to a better and more sustainable future for all. With millions of lighting products sold annually, Nordlux has great opportunity to impact energy consumption by offering energy efficient products. Less energy used leads to a lower impact on the environment and our target is to be at the forefront of developing products within the low energy category and improve product energy efficiency. We are also reducing the energy consumption in our value chain and with in our own business. We also take responsible decisions throughout our value chain with respect for all kinds of resources. We use fewest possible resources in our

production and strive to reduce our carbon footprint in our transportation and distribution. We limit the number of different materials used for both our products and packaging to ensure easy recycling and we avoid the use of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) and prioritize using the most environmentally friendly materials possible. Our targets now are to have 100% plastic free packaging.

Light + Building is a melting pot of innovation and creativity in the lighting and building-services technology sector. What key trends or innovations caught your attention during the event, and how might they influence Nordlux’s future strategies?

Key trends we identified is how our new ways of living combined with the correct lighting changes in the use of a space. If necessary, the living room can become an office and hotel lobbies are morphing into co-working spaces. The office should have both quiet working areas and communication zones for social interaction meaning a combination of soft ambient as well as functional lighting is necessary.

Decorative lighting with the correct technology plays a vital role in the successful, multifunctional use of rooms and spaces. We also continue to see the trends in how light can effectively be displays as stand out centre pieces and how more brands are creating products that incorporate indirect light to fit within the trend of Mood Enhancing Lighting or as I call it ‘avoiding the big light’. Our future designs will continue to look at trends within the markets, statement pendants and our continuation of experimenting with indirect light and controversial positioning of light sources.  

With the next Light + Building scheduled for 2026, what long-term impacts do you foresee from the 2024 event on the lighting industry, and how is Nordlux preparing to meet these evolving industry dynamics?

I believe the long-term impact of combining lighting and technology will continue to grow, Smart lighting is becoming ever more popular to be able to automate lighting fixtures in homes, offices, and other settings. In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the adoption of smart lighting systems, and I believe it will continue to grow, people now are realising the convenience and energy-saving benefits it has. This technology also will help us understand human-centric lighting which focuses on the impact lighting has on human well-being and aims to create lighting environments that promote physical and mental health. This approach recognises the influence of lighting on circadian rhythms, mood, productivity, and overall comfort. We are evolving in the sector with our very own smart light system.

Comment from our CEO Niels Jakobsen –

“I found the Fair very valuable to our business. It was great to see both existing customers as well as new potential customers. We experienced a great global representation and received a lot of interesting new contacts. We as a Team was proud of the stand that was created as it was well representing our products and also welcoming our customers with ‘Hygge’.”

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