Sketch Series: Modulo by Dylan Freeth

At this years Design Guild Mark, Design Insider caught up with a few of the award winning designers to find out a little more about the the inspiration behind products that had been honour with the Guild Mark this year.

Continuing our Sketch series, we caught up with Dylan Freeth to talk about Modulo which he designed for British manufacturers Ercol. This piece is new and innovating for Ercol, moving slightly away from their traditional style and handing over more choice to the user with its modular set up.

Modulo is built around a single basic solid oak cabinet carcase which can be specified with either doors and drawers, doors and shelves, drawers and shelves or just shelves. Each option is available oriented left-handed or right handed. Cabinets are available individually, or can be stacked up to three high, in any combination of the customer’s choosing. Concealed height adjusters in the legs allow levelling, and accurate alignment of cabinets if arranged side-by-side in horizontal runs.

Ercol Modulo Cabinets - Dylan Freeth - PIC02


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