SKETCH SERIES: Suki, by Janus et Cie

For this month’s sketch series, we thought we would have a conversation with Janice Feldman, CEO of Janus et Cie. BCFA member Janus et Cie has inspired, influenced and delivered for decades accessories, textiles and furniture for both indoors and outdoors – outdoors being one of the themes of this month.

We asked Janice Feldman specifically about her Suki collection.

Janice_Feldman_Please tell us about your company.

I drew inspiration for the name JANUS et Cie from the Roman god JANUS, who had two heads—one looking forward and the other backward. It is not only a play on my own name but symbolizes my approach to design and to life: zest for innovation of the future with a respect for traditions of the past. The “et Cie,” meaning “and Company,” highlights the notion that this journey over the past 40 years has been as much a collective effort as it has been an individual one.

“This journey over the past 40 years has been as much a collective effort as it has been an individual one.”

2018 marks JANUS et Cie’s 40th anniversary. I started with a single showroom in the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. Today, we have built the company into an internationally-renowned brand with 19 showrooms around the globe, from New York to Milan to Sydney. This year especially, we are celebrating the many victories of the past, and are continuing to look forward with excitement at the growth and transformation we are constantly working toward.


I have always been drawn to the creative and things that require special skill. JANUS et Cie has acted as a foundation and driving force for my passions. The legacy of this company and the innovation and beauty of our outdoor furniture are a testament to this.

Tell us about the products you are sketching.

The Suki Lounge Chair and Suki Armchair were inspired by traditional Japanese forms. Each chair is handwoven in our proprietary JANUSfiber, designed to withstand the elements, or rattan, which brings a natural warmth to indoor spaces. The chairs are exceptionally sturdy without taking away from aesthetics. While Suki is not a new product, we did launch beautiful new rattan finishes last year. I am incredibly proud of this intricate design, which won a prestigious Red Dot Award in 2014, as well as a 2013 Good Design Award and 2013 Design Excellence Award.

Is sketching an important part of your design process? Why?

Drawing and painting sketches for my furniture is a very important part of my design process. I’ve been an artist my entire life. When I was 2, I was already painting. It’s part of my DNA. I’ve always looked at things visually, so it is easy to know when something is right.


Janice Feldman founded Janus et Cie over 35 years ago, and is a trained artist and interior designer. Janus et Cie possess over 6,000 pieces as well as endless custom options, so why not see if they have what you are looking for?

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