NEW: Skopos bring faux leather to their collections

Collection: Kiri, Hiako, Tama
Usage: Upholstery
Material: Faux Leather
Properties: Waterproof, wipe-clean, antimicrobial finish

Skopos is excited to bring to market 3 new flame retardant, Crib 5 faux leathers this month. With 3 distinctly different finishes, the faux leathers provide a neat and elegant finishing touch for a variety of contract interiors.

With an antiqued/ aged effect, in a range of leather-look colours the Kiri design mimics the sophisticated feel of leather and is perfectly suited to hospitality and leisure interiors, providing a glamorous edge.

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Design Insider Skopos Faux Leather Fabrics Product

With a clear skin emboss Hiako is offered in a range of colours, suited to a variety of contract interiors. Hiako pushes the palette for designers to include both colours and neutrals into any contract scheme.

With clear simplicity Tama delivers a bold and confident statement. The emboss on Tama vinyl is light and understated, pushing the boundaries of colour to include vibrant shades, as well as neutrals, to potentially appeal to a younger audience.

Design Insider Skopos Faux Leather Fabrics Tub Chairs

With all 3 qualities waterproof, wipe-clean and offering an antimicrobial finish, applications are suited for care environments as well as leisure and hospitality interiors. Kiri, Hiako and Tama also all achieve IMO FTP part 8, meeting the requirements for marine interiors

Skopos Fabrics Ltd are dedicated to design, service and best performance. Their full service or fabric only option provides choice for their customers, with expertise in design, make-up (curtains, cushions and bedding), fitting and installation. Skopos’ Bespoke design and colour matching service provide the opportunity to create unique solutions.

Design Insider Skopos Faux Leather Fabrics Chairs

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