Sound Innovation with Tektura’s Zintra Collection

Sound levels have an influence on how we experience spaces. They have a direct impact on our wellbeing, communication and productivity; and as a result, their control has become an integral part of interior design. 

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Zintra Sticks, Ceiling Panels

The world of acoustics has never stopped pushing the boundaries and we are yet to explore more innovative ways to integrate those solutions into our spaces creatively and seamlessly. Zintra® shows us how bringing two technologies together can elevate a product. 

Zintra Concrete

Zintra® acoustic solutions, made of 100% recyclable polyester and containing 60% recycled post-consumer PET, have developed a brand-new range of acoustic sticks featuring a natural-looking timber effect. Zintra® Sticks are perfect to recreate slatted wood walls/ceilings but this time including acoustic properties. They are lightweight and come available in bundles or as sticks and in a variety of finishes to perfectly match different interior styles.

Zintra Sticks

Zintra® Sticks could also be a smart and cost-effective option for partitioning open spaces or enclosing private areas, especially as they simulate a real wooden structure, reduce noise, and allow for the space to remain flexible, with no building works required.

Generally, acoustic solutions have been developed to fit with interior schemes; with functional characteristics and unique looks to enhance interior aesthetics. Acoustic products can be found doubling up as furniture upholstery, lamp shades, feature wall elements, room dividers, artworks, ceiling features, etc… and there are endless possibilities as customisable options vary in size, colour and shape; as well as textured/3D surfaces, cut-out patterns and overall configuration. 

Zintra Sticks

Offering that unlimited design flexibility, and bringing a new creative element to the table, Zintra® panels by Tektura, combine sound absorption with digital printing; creating a sound solution with the potential to transform any space with the design of your choice.

Zintra Bricks

Zintra® digitally printed acoustic panels can be made to feature visually appealing textures and material finishes, strengthening interior schemes and helping keep up with trends otherwise unattainable down to costs. Brick, metal, stone, wood and many other effects are all achievable.

Zintra Digital

Also, Zintra® digitally printed panels can help reinforce branding and corporate identity; and they are suitable for multiple indoor applications such as signage, advertising, and inspirational accent walls, which can boost customer appeal, promote company culture and ensure full advantage is taken of walls and ceiling spaces!

Zintra Digital

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