Spacia Stones from Amtico, Installed in Hours, Fresh for Years

British manufacturer Amtico has unveiled Spacia Stones – a new set of realistic and fresh LVT flooring designs that are simple to specify and convenient to install across a variety of commercial applications. In seven contemporary neutral palettes, the new Stones make it easy to inject subtle colour into a project.

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Responding to customer demand for a modern and easy-to-install alternative to natural terrazzo, Amtico’s newest innovations Terrazzo and Elemental Terrazzo are two unique and very different interpretations of the on-trend material, providing all the decorative detail but in a lightweight LVT format.

The six new Terrazzo colourways are densely packed with ‘chips’, from the light and pearlescent Gibson to the dark and dramatic Highball, each capturing the scope for creativity in commercial flooring design. The combination of scale and colour makes the designs perfect for effortless transformations across a breadth of different applications, from small decorative areas to flooding a space.

The bolder Elemental Terrazzo features larger ‘marble’ pieces scattered in dense clusters, all set within a ‘concrete’ base for a highly dramatic effect. Available in two colourways, Elemental Terrazzo’s beauty is in its detail, from pieces of grey stone with quartz lines, through to warm marble chips. To help create subtle zoning, Amtico’s designers have also created two co-ordinating concretes – Rialto and Villa. These can be combined in varying ratios with Elemental Terrazzo to change the focus of different areas, making them brilliant for classic department stores or supermarkets. Plus, they work wonderfully on their own, providing a simple ceramic look.

Meeting the need for wellbeing-focused design, Tones is a contemporary-style ceramic with a chalky feel, available in nine soft shades. Creating an easy backdrop for any space, this versatile palette includes fresh pale hues, greys and deep charcoals, with colour injections inspired by nature – an important influence in commercial design for 2022. Tones beautifully complements other Spacia materials, such as Terrazzo and the new Oaks.

Following the success of the flagship Signature collection’s high-quality marble LVT designs, Amtico has also introduced the trend-led product to the Spacia collection. Marble echoes the traditional material, but in a soft, tonal palette that combines soft movement and decadent detail in four organic shades: Black, White, Grey and Rose. When laid in the Checkerboard laying pattern, Black and White create a more classic aesthetic, perfect for impactful entrances, while Rose adds contemporary freshness with its trend-led blush hues.  

To help with specification, Spacia Stones have been arranged into seven versatile and usable palettes, including Cool, Neutral and Pale. Spacia products have a 0.55mm high density wear layer and can be specified in over 90 designs with either Acoustic backing or 36+ enhanced slip resistance finish. The LVT collection carries a 10-year commercial warranty and accreditations, including M1 building emissions classification.  

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