Spinks Springs with Cortec

Unveiling a monumental world-first innovation in the furniture and bedding industry, leading components supplier, Spinks, has launched a ground-breaking 100% recyclable glue-free pocket spring system, which will set new standards in sustainable comfort innovation and raise the bar on a global scale.

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“Cortec is the most comfortable and supportive pocket spring we believe has ever been made. When compared with a standard pocket spring, it has many more individual points of contact, allowing it to contour with much greater accuracy and precision.” – Darren Marcangelo, Commercial Director at Spinks.

The fully sustainable glue‐free spring system, Cortec, uses Spinks’ unique patented design and technology, which has been five years in the making. By developing the finest high‐tensile wire ever to be used in a core unit and welding each spring pocket rather than using glue, Cortec delivers a new dawn for comfort technology.

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“Combining the comfort with Cortec’s sustainability credentials enables the product to speak for itself. No glue is used within the construction of the spring unit, meaning it can be 100% recycled at the end of its life, which is a common problem for all existing pocket springs as the glue contaminates the pocket cloth, making it difficult to recycle.” – Darren Marcangelo, Commercial Director at Spinks.

The individually pocketed springs are extremely durable, providing ultimate support, and are distributed at a high density to create more points of contact, providing greater body contouring accuracy for superior comfort. Cortec also replaces the need for additional comfort layers such as foam, latex or other fillings.

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“We’re incredibly excited about the potential Cortec has to impact both the furniture and mattress market. In the UK alone, 7.5million mattresses end up in landfill every year (that’s over 1,000 a week) and we now have a product to help tackle the ongoing environmental issues we’re facing – and we know that fellow manufacturers will be keen to embrace this and show their support.”– Darren Marcangelo, Commercial Director at Spinks.

Cortec will form part of the Harrison Spinks mattress offering in the UK and sold as a component to other non-mattress manufacturers in the UK, as well as to furniture and bedding manufacturers worldwide. It is set to be the latest monumental industry invention, joining the timeline of innovations.

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