Spiral, Recycled Weave by Kirkby Design

Kirkby Design, part of The Romo Group, puts sustainability at the forefront of its design and development, responsibly melding style with practicality. A study into recycled products and sustainable materials directed and informed the creation of four original collections, Wave, Flow, Leaf and Fleck Eco, that all reduce the impact on the environment without compromising on quality. 

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Adding to Kirkby’s library of sustainable offerings, Spiral is made entirely from recycled materials. Full of intrigue and softness, this chunky weave captivates through colour, thanks to playful, multi-coloured, twisted yarns and innovative shades, including Firefly and Ignite. Neutral shades are also available, allowing the inherent texture of Spiral to speak for itself.

The cottons yarns are obtained from recycled clothing, knits and unused fabric offcuts from the fashion industry. Fibres are carded, a process that allows fibres of different lengths to be extracted from highly mixed compositions whilst impurities are discarded. The repurposed yarns are then blended together and spun into new fibres ready to be woven.

The polyester is sourced from recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are ground down to produce PET polyester (Polyethylene terephthalate), this is then melted down to produce filaments which are then spun into yarn.

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