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Spires Art shares their creative wall coverings and papers, in addition to products of SurfaceWorks. Introducing a range of bespoke wall coverings and papers, that are really becoming a vogue treatment for any modern hotel or business…

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Spires Art designs to bring your wall to life with visual impact. The fantastic and creative team create wall coverings that can transform any room into a great focal point. The Spires Art team have become known as ‘the blank wall specialists’ and the team thrives on creating fabulous images that fill that space.

The range of wallcoverings is designed for all manner of the sector. From a boardroom wall in modern business to the back wall of a restaurant as well as today’s customers looking for establishments that go that bit further to create an internal space that is a real conversation piece.

The wall coverings range is created to provide specifiers such as interior designers and facilities managers with a specialist service that can lift a very nicely designed room into a fabulously bespoke one. This is just a snapshot into the huge range of printed papers and finishes Spires Art is able to provide.

SurfaceWorks tend to specialise in glass, acrylic and vinyl finish as these are the most popular choices in the business and leisure sector, but the team can actually provide fabulous results using all manner of substrates including steel, Dibond which is a very durable aluminium finish and Forex which uses compressed PVC. All of these finishes are available in just about any size and thickness. The dedicated team will help guide you in terms of materials that can be used and the myriad of finishes that can produce in the factor. The modern machinery is capable of printing onto almost any substrate and can provide samples to show your clients if required.

Designing with LED…Spires Art can do it! Offering a strong design-led approach, Spires Art are able to provide initial style-setters so clients can get a good visual impression as to how the project will evolve, as well as providing the costings at every stage of the process Using in house print machinery and experts on hand to provide a specialist textured finish whilst also dispatching with a full fitting guide to help with installation. The team has a special wallpaper design service, working to create outstanding feature walls based on accurate specifications, ensuring the wallpaper creates the required visual impact the client is looking for.

Spires Art recognises the demand in the business and leisure sector for representing the best possible impact when it comes to powerful branding and consistent design. So all of the product ranges from SurfaceWorks are printed from on the Spires Art premises and manufactured using the very latest technology to achieve a finished item that will make a statement piece for any interior.

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