Tektura have collaborated with artist Ashley Harry Haine and together have transformed his whimsical drawings in 10 new wallcovering designs.

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Ashley Harry Haine is a British born and Australian based artist. A self-taught artist, his starting point is architectural illustration. His artworks are drawn completely freehand using just a pencil and fine-line pen – no rulers involved!

His ideas are driven by grand architecture, ornamental details such as baroque and rococo plus styles from the roaring ’20s and the golden age of film.

He always starts by drawing the bones of the building, followed by interior accessories and playful characters – building a unique story in each design. Each design has a sense of escapism and can be linked to Ashley’s personal interest in art therapy and the benefits of drawing.

Click here to see all more of the designs.

All designs are offered as wallcovering, window film, acrylic panels and they can print onto their Zintra acoustic panels too.

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