Stepping Out of the Shadows with Lightbox from Milliken

Lightbox is Milliken’s latest carbon neutral carpet plank collection designed and made in Britain. The collection is designed by Milliken’s in-house designer Manisha Selhi and inspired by the nature of light: both light sources and its effect on different surfaces. Fascinating forms can be seen to emerge from the shadows illuminated by bright bursts of colour giving a sense of movement across the floor plane. Solid colours give way to translucency as patterns deconstruct and simple lines and clean angles merge to become complex and multi-layered.

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Like all Milliken carpet, luxury vinyl tiles and entrance flooring tiles Lightbox is a carbon neutral collection. Lightbox is manufactured using ECONYL® regenerated nylon and featuring 90% recycled content cushion backing. Lightbox is a carpet plank collection that adds dimension, energy and movement to the floorscape, with a flow of ever-changing shapes and expressions of colour. It is equally impressive in large or small spaces; the shapes and colours make an unquestionable design impact.

There is a palette of 27 colours in 9 colour families ranging from dazzling pink, orange and citrus to more gentle aqua, olive and damson. Within each colour family there is a neutral, tint and bright variation. This is made possible with Milliken’s patented digital placement technology ‘Millitron®’ which pushes the boundaries in colour usage. Millitron® enables complex pattern effects and colour combinations unattainable with any other carpet manufacturing technology. The carpet planks come in 25cm x 100cm dimensions which facilitates endless layout options and colour transitions.

The collection is CRI Green Label Plus certified for indoor air quality, EPD verified and TUV certified. It comes with Comfort Lite cushion backing as standard (90% recycled content) and is available with TractionBack® pressure sensitive adhesive on request, improving Indoor Air Quality and offering a more flexible installation process. Lightbox carpet planks are manufactured in the UK in a ISO14001 certified location using renewable sources. The collection comes with a 12 year wear guarantee and a lifetime antistatic guarantee.

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