Stockholm Design Week: Testing Grounds revealed by Form Us With Love

At Stockholm Design Week 2024, Swedish design studio ‘Form Us With Love’ (FUWL) have revealed a series of new products in collaboration with Savo, Stolab, Forming Function, and Atelje Lyktan.

Visit Testing Grounds open house at the FUWL waterfront studio in Stockholm, from February 5th

‘Testing Grounds’ took the form of an open studio and creative hub, curated as an interactive and pragmatic exploration into design and work. The installation posed the question ‘To what extent does design shape workspaces of the future?’ and was intended to encourage interaction, conversation, and curiosity, amongst visitors to the space.

To what extent does design shape workspaces of the future?

‘Testing Grounds’ presented an exhibition, film, curated events, and talks, to highlight themes such as functionality, aesthetics, flexibility, new work practices and the relationship between interior and industrial design. The new products designed by ‘Form Us With Love’ share a future-proof, system-led approach to their evolution; Task and domestic chairs, lights and electrical components have inherent adaptability, allowing for varying end-uses, interchangeable aesthetics, and the ability to work in a multitude of evolving work scenarios – from static offices to hospitality dwellings, domestic settings, and in public spaces. 

‘Form Us With Love’ share designs with a future-proof, system-led approach to their evolution

Within the SDW installation, hosted at the FUWL waterfront studio, the common denominator of the collections was the parts – made to be specified and configured by architects and interior designers. These elements were curated as standalone designs and components, as well as part of a system and in collective harmony with all the other elements on display. Each product was dissected to expose the process-driven, incubator approach by FUWL.

‘Form Us With Love’ reveal Hood (reimagined), a collaboration with ateljé Lyktan

Hood by ‘Form Us With Love’ for ateljé Lyktan

In its latest iteration, Hood ventures into uncharted territory by incorporating two new materials: Hemp and Wool. Unlike a mere blend, these materials stand individually, each bringing its own distinct advantages to the Hood range. Hemp, known for its durability and eco-friendliness, aligns seamlessly with the commitment to sustainability. Wool, cherished for its natural warmth and texture, enhances the lamp’s acoustic qualities, fostering a cozy and inviting atmosphere. 

Hood by ‘Form Us With Love’ for ateljé Lyktan

Hood is built around the emotional value of a shelter, where the intimate room is protected, keeping the landscape view uninterrupted. This pendant light not only shields the intimate room but also preserves the uninterrupted beauty of the surrounding landscape. The three-piece modular design allows for flexibility, enabling users to tailor the Hood to their spatial requirements.

‘Form Us With Love’ reveal The Nomad Collection, a collaboration with Forming Function 

The event sees an open house at the FUWL waterfront studio in Stockholm, from February 5th onwards, hosted as a creative hub for the design community to visit, and curated as a pragmatic exploration into the future of design and work.

The Nomad Collection by ‘Form Us With Love’ for Forming Function

Forming Function, established in 1983, pioneers innovative product development for modern workplaces. The past decade has witnessed the rise of hybrid work culture, allowing people to work from diverse locations. Whether it’s home, a café, a country house, co-working space, or office hub, these spaces are meticulously designed for functionality, comfort, productivity, and inspiration. This evolving hybrid work culture led to a collaboration with FUWL to address our relationship with technical accessories, particularly
for charging, and for electrical products.

The Nomad Collection by ‘Form Us With Love’ for Forming Function

The partnership and process-driven approach by FUWL identified two main issues: a lack of design innovation in this product sector, and a shortage of holistic solutions. Key factors emerging from the design development stages were:

  • Recognizing the importance of tackling charging as a fundamental aspect of the workplace.
  • Emphasising the parallel demands for interior design in the workplace, like those in a home setting.
  • Expressing the need for a comprehensive collection encompassing electricity, charging, and lighting for various workplaces—a collection designed for longevity and the possibility of reuse and recycling.

The solution was the Nomad Collection—an aesthetic, portable, and scalable ecosystem tailored to today’s flexible work life. This comprehensive collection meets the demands of diverse workplaces, offering a seamless blend of design, function, and adaptability for office nomads, and designed to stand the test of time.

‘Form Us With Love’ showcase Spine, a collaboration with Savo

As the world of work continues to change – the furniture within must move beyond ergonomic and material considerations, and be adaptable to the needs of flexible workspaces, better work practices, and evolving job functions. Spine – designed by Form Us With Love for Savo, provides flexibility for the end users and longevity for businesses, through modular and sustainable design.

Spine by ‘Form Us With Love’ for Savo

As the name suggests, Spine has a “spine” with a step-less bracket to adjust the height of the backrest and headrest. The modular and flexible design means you can use and change the platform as you like and simultaneously keep the entire office’s look together.
Savo approached FUWL with the joint ambition of creating office furniture for the future – a long-term investment for a business, due to upgradeability and flexibility. FUWL have noted the development in office environments, with fewer natural barriers, fewer personal offices, and more shared zones.

Spine by ‘Form Us With Love’ for Savo

A synergy in values between FUWL and Savo, focus on watchwords “reduce, reuse, repair, recycle”, and a major part of Savo’s sustainability efforts, focuses on product development for the circular economy. Chairs from Savo, including Spine, are made using a layer-by-layer design meaning all components can be removed, repaired, and updated over time, giving them long life and durability.

‘Form Us With Love’ reveal the ‘Alt Collection’, a collaboration with Stolab

Alt Collection by ‘Form Us With Love’ for Stolab

Stolab face the challenge of transcending their traditional ‘dining space’ identity, into products which speak to Architects and Designers, desiring a more contemporary aesthetic and for broader applications, especially in tomorrow’s offices, which increasingly
blend the best from home and work.

Alt Collection by ‘Form Us With Love’ for Stolab

In response, Stolab’s journey led to the creation by FUWL of the ‘Alt Collection’, a series of component-based chairs which can be adapted by mixing and matching the upper and lower parts, to suit static seating. For example, a classic shape top which supports the
back and looks in-keeping with residential styles, can be specified with a swivel base, to be effective in the office environment. Each chair manages to retain the classic warmth of Stolab’s designs, whilst offering a contemporary touch, relevant to the necessary ergonomics and flexibility of work.


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