Surface Design Show is a great place to explore the latest trends in commercial surfaces. Taking place at London’s Business Design Centre between 9-11th February, many BCFA members will be presenting their latest surface designs as well as delivering a comprehensive CPD programme.

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Design Insider speaks with four BCFA members delivering CPD, to see how they fit with this years Future Thinking. Curator, Sally Angharad highlights the key trends to look out for: Immersive Texture; Crafted Geometrics; Reflections and Sophisticated Brights, and describes what is likely to grab her attention, “texture is key, I will be looking for surfaces that address all the senses and encourage touch and feel as we look for more engagement with our surroundings. Colour continues to be very important. Sophisticated bright colour palettes are emerging in new material collections and I am also looking forward to seeing the exhibitors offering customers the potential to specify a bespoke colour.”

“Sophisticated bright colour palettes are emerging in new material collections”

Distinctive and defining, there is no other wallcovering quite as unique or luxurious as Lincrusta to provide the perfect fit for this years Immersive Texture trend. From classic country residences to modern urban living spaces, Lincrusta evoke a sense of inimitable sumptuousness and style.

Manufactured in Britain since 1877, Lincrusta is the ingenious creation of Frederick Walton, who had pioneered the development of linoleum floorcovering in the 1860’s. Replacing painstaking artisan plasterwork, his innovation was an instant success. Even today, Lincrusta remain unsurpassed for their deeper emboss, exquisite detail and enduring strength. Whether it’s clean lines or elaborate patterns, designs bring a special edge to interiors, transforming walls into a magnificent centrepiece or a refined backdrop.


Having the freedom to paint your chosen design in any colour or colours is all part of the joy of adding ever more depth and interest to an interior space. Heritage Wallcoverings will be presenting a CPD module on specifying Lincrusta for use as a Textured Wallcovering in Commercial and Residential Projects.





With a history in ceramic excellence spanning 115 years, Johnson Tiles is the UK’s leading manufacturer and importer of ceramic wall and floor tiles. Inventive, stand-out products, created by the company’s own in-house design team, are in high demand in both the contract and retail markets globally. Staying true to Johnson Tiles reputation for innovation, design creativity and quality, each trend in this year’s Future Thinking can be found here.


For this year’s Surface Design Show, Johnson Tiles will be giving a presentation on the importance of slip resistance technology and how this can be incorporated into stylish on-trend floors that are fit for purpose.  With mixed legislation on specifying slip resistant flooring cost of accidents to UK businesses is c£800m per annum. This CPD module provides an essential resource to architects and designers on the values of slip resistance. From explaining the science of friction and how this is measured, to understanding the factors that cause slips and what the HSE/HSL look for, Johnson Tiles explain how improved safety can be achieved without compromising on design.

Brics_Floor_BRI01N Montmartre_BRI06N Docklands Grey_Herringbone (3)

Recent designs from Johnson Tiles have been inspired by a wide variety of source materials, including Loft, a range that perfectly recreates the effects of distressed wood, and Brics, which captures the appearance of exposed brickwork — both examples of producing on-trend looks in an easy to install and easy to clean porcelain tile. By using the latest in tile manufacturing technology to produce any creation, the team are given freedom to explore ideas, capture the latest trends and pioneer looks for their clients.


UK-based Altro is big in premium flooring and walling systems globally. The company invented safety flooring, back in 1947, and has continued to innovate ever since, placing customer needs and experiences at the heart of the process.


One area of expertise and the subject of their CPD presentation is designing for Dementia. Altro worked closely with the University of Stirling’s renowned Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) to gain a greater understanding of how the physical environment impacts on those with dementia and the role that flooring can play.

We all face changes to our vision as we get older, but some people with dementia face additional challenges, such as a reduced ability to discriminate textures, shiny surfaces appearing wet, patterned surfaces causing illusions and dark surfaces and shadows appearing to be holes.


Flooring should be matt and without patterns or sparkles as these can cause distraction, or look like something to pick up. This concern was a major driver for Altro when developing the first safety floors without this sparkle some years ago. There is now a wide range of colours and finishes without the sparkle, helping to create a homely feel without compromising on safety.

Other key areas to consider when designing for dementia include differentiating between floors, walls, steps and doorways to avoid confusion, clear wayfinding techniques and careful lighting that avoids glare.


Future Thinking is more than considering design trends, it’s also about developing products which are practical and meet the changing needs of more sophisticated commercial environment – the BCFA members interviewed certainly demonstrate that.

CPD Timetable

British Contract Furnishing Association (BCFA) will be sponsoring the CPD Hub, with 4 of their members providing seminars, covering a huge range of topics. Follow link for further details



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