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Larson-Juhl UK has spent over 40 years continually innovating and developing a stunning range of crafted frames and mouldings and is now setting the standard with the biggest range of FSC and PEFC products on the market.  We sat down with Matt George, Larson-Juhl Sales & Marketing Director to find out more about the companies sustainable credentials and goals.
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Can you provide an overview of Larson-Juhl’s portfolio of products made with sustainable materials?
We currently stock 360 mouldings that are FSC or PEFC approved, all of which are made using timber that has been lumbered in compliance with sustainable forestry policies and are also fully recyclable.

We have a video that can be viewed here that tells the story from forest to frame. We have over 130 FSC approved mountboard options too, with a big focus on conservation.

How significant is the demand for sustainable materials in the framing world?
More and more specifiers are now working to environmental policies that demand sustainable materials – both in terms of the briefs coming in from clients and in terms of designers’ own principles. Customers are asking more questions about environmental and ethical sourcing and we are seeing an increased interest in our sustainability messaging as well as our sustainable product offering.

At what pace do you expect this requirement to grow and in what specific sectors?

We expect this trend to continue across all sectors as more and more businesses are publicly committing to environmental best practice. We are also finding that a greater number of consumers are asking for sustainable frames and want to know that the wood used was responsibly sourced. On top of that, we know that according to global management and consulting firm Kearney, 78% of consumers* consider the environmental impact of their purchases at least occasionally which is increasingly affecting decisions across B2B and B2C purchasing decisions.

Can you explain the process for manufacturing sustainable framing materials?
We have full chain of custody ensuring that timber is tracked through every step of the supply chain from forest to workshop or studio and this provides third party certification that products originate from certified forests with an unbroken path to the customer.

All of our mountboards are produced in the U.K, with 194 of them being FSC certified. The paper mill uses 18% recycled fibre input, given a second life as paper products and packaging.

How can designers ensure that they are sourcing framing products made from sustainable materials?

Simply look for FSC and PEFC approved products. We would encourage people to interrogate claims that maybe don’t look valid. Some suppliers are making statements about environmentally-friendly products that simply have no foundations!

Larson-Juhl offers the biggest range of sustainable mouldings on the market and so we hope that we can answer any framing brief with a portfolio that offers visual impact while conforming to environmental best practice.

Which are Larson-Juhl’s best-selling sustainable product lines?
These include Anvil, Driftwood and Simplicity.

Simplicity is especially popular with a wide range of five profiles in 10 finishes. An uncomplicated moulding, it creates a wonderful frame and is our bestselling FSC product.

Driftwood is made with monochromatic options of black and white. FSC accredited and available in seven sizes, Driftwood has been finished with water-based gesso, stripped manually to create an effortlessly chic texture. A foil on top produces slight brown flexes which enables the range to transform any piece into a statement and to bring impact to any interior.

With a look of reclaimed metal, Anvil is a PEFC approved moulding that can make a huge contribution in visual terms. This product is designed to pair with raw woods and is perfect for framing large black and white photography.

What specific new product development involving sustainable materials do you have in the pipeline?
We have just launched the PEFC approved Larson-Juhl Signature Petite III collection which takes some of the popular features from a number of top selling mouldings while now bringing a much-requested, smaller profile to the offer. Petite III comes in three profiles with four stunning colourways: gold, silver, pewter and bronze, also featuring nickel, brass, bronze and steel embellishments.

Chaise Longue is another recent addition which is FSC approved and comprises some stunning metallic finishes in a range of sizes.

What other future plans does Larson-Juhl have around sustainability?

Essentially, we are looking at every area of the operation and how we can use less energy, do as much as possible online and recycle wherever we can. We are focused on ensuring that our carbon footprint is as small as possible and that everyone within the business understands the importance of and adopts sustainable ways of working.

In terms of packaging, our mouldings are wrapped in recyclable corrugated sheets and mountboards are packaged in cardboard boxes and recyclable bags, further decreasing our plastic usage and making us eco-friendlier.

Where can designers find out more about Larson-Juhl’s sustainable ranges?
Designers can visit or get in touch with our customer service team on 01234 852777. Samples can be ordered over the phone but designers are also very welcome to view our full portfolio in person by visiting the showroom.

* Survey from global management and consulting firm Kearney, conducted with 1,000 consumers on March 6, 2020.

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