Table-Tastic: What size restaurant table top seats 6?

A popular question asked by professional interior designers working on a restaurant design is around table top dimensions. Large feature tables can work really well in restaurant and cafe interior designs. For larger tables, the question around ‘what size restaurant table top seats 6’ often arises.

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There are standard measurements, which will be covered below. However, the answer always depends on the type of venue, the space available and the purpose/function of the area.

Inside Out has been creating bespoke tables for cafes, restaurants, and hotels for almost 25 years. They have a strong portfolio of bespoke tables created for hotels, cafes and restaurants.

The below examples demonstrate the variables that can impact table size.

Big Chill, King’s Cross 

Standard Round and Rectangular Dimensions

There are 2 standard measurements to consider for rectangle tables.

For side chairs, with a standard place setting and a double column base the table top measurements would be 1600x800mm. In order to accommodate a group of 6 people, with armchairs a bigger tabletop measuring 1800x900mm will be necessary. The base also changes to requiring 2 single columns in order to support the height of the table top. For a round table top, using side chairs a table top diameter of 1200mm will be required.

Inside Out have created one of the most visual and colourful table size guides in the industry. Download your complimentary guide via Inside Out’s website.


As you will see from the examples below, wood is a very popular choice for large table tops. However, there is one example covered below, which has a stone table top. Stone is a very heavy material. Therefore, the weight of a material should be considered.

A table top made out of Quartzite, can be made as large as 2400x1200mm. A table top of these dimensions can comfortably seat up to 10 people. Whilst a table that size in stone would look impressive, the weight would be an important practical consideration. Wood is a great material for larger table tops as it provides a product that offers quality and flexibility.

Bespoke Furniture | As Unique As You Are

Perfectly Round

Interior designers tend to request square or rectangular tables for restaurants. However, sometimes a round table is just what is needed. That was true for the restaurant at The National Gallery, the Ochre.

The Miley table is a bespoke round dining table. The table was made to 1700mm diameter, handcrafted in the UK and made for 6-8 people. The Ochre restaurant is a large open plan venue. The interior designer has created different dining areas using a range of furniture styles and shapes, along with well planned lighting.

The below dining area was made into a feature with dramatic low hanging lighting and a large, substantial round table.

Bespoke Round Dining Table for 6, as seen at the Ochre Restaurant, National Gallery

Private Alcoves

When working with unusual interior spaces, sometimes, a table with non-standard dimensions is the only solution. The below picture is a great example of creative thinking from interior designers. They had a vision of how to make challenging small alcoves really work as great spaces for guests. Both booth areas are beautiful, yet private and exclusive.

The Starburst walnut table was made to the dimensions of 2300x 700mm. The dimensions reflect the shape of the alcove. There is also quite a narrow doorway to access the area, so the table needed to be made in 2 sections.

Whilst the marble table top, with an antique brass metal edge ,was made to the dimensions of 1585 x 725mm. The dimensions for this table are shorter and narrower than a standard table top for 6 people. However, for an informal drinks and dining area this can work.

The interior design for both spaces is simply stunning. The contrast of the wall decor works perfectly with the fabric and material selection.

Informal Dining Tables at Saltie Girl

Cool and Casual

A counter height table can add to creating a casual, cool and contemporary feel. The Arbor restaurant at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham has a feature table which is a perfect example of this. Designed for 6 people, the dimensions are larger than a standard table for 6 people at 2394 x 1000mm.

The height of the table is 900mm making it a counter height table which requires a seat height of 650mm. Something useful to know is that many ‘bar stools’ are often counter height.

The Arbor hotel restaurant is used to serve breakfast buffets to guests each morning. The restaurant was designed with the intention of being a mix of modern and natural design. Bringing the outside inside was an important element for the interior design. We can see this design element in the wooden table tops which work perfectly with the green walls.

Rectangular Counter Table Height for 6, at the Arbour Restaurant, Hilton Metropole Birmingham

Something Extra

Sometimes, there will be a detail or a table feature that is required in order to capture the interior design. This is where bespoke designed furniture can come into its own.

Inside Out has its own in-house Design team which can help to create and capture the individuality you desire. A table can be made specifically to fit your interior design concept. A table can be created to specific dimensions, shape, colour, textures, details and materials.

Variety of Bespoke Table Designs, Created by Inside Out Contracts

Special Spaces
For those wanting to create a special alcove or private dining area, stone table tops are worth considering. The below example is the beautiful private dining area at Gouqi, a restaurant created by Michelin star Chef Tong. The Infinity Quartzite top helps to add drama and intimacy to this very special area. The dark depth of the Quartzite stone table top, works perfectly with deep red leather chairs.

Rectangle Tables with Quartzite Table Tops, in the Gouqi Private Dining Area

Thinking Square

The Mondrian Hotel, London, has a stunning and flexible private room available to hire. This room is multipurpose and can be used for private dining, meetings or small events. The idea for 2 large square tables to be created, really works for this area. The room can comfortably seat a group of 12.

Large Square Tables in the Mondrian Private Dining Room


Whilst there are standard table dimensions that will accommodate 6 people, there are not always standard sized or shaped venues. Some tables for 6 are made smaller than usual, whilst others are created larger. What is certain, is that creating a bespoke sized table is easier than trying to change the size of a room.

There are many great standard sized tables available. However, creating a unique feature table is often done by working with a furniture design team.

Contact Inside Out Contracts if you have a project idea you wish to discuss. You will find that bespoke tables are a specialty. The team will be happy to help advise on how to bring your vision to life.

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