Tactics for Using Texture

Trends come and go, but utilising a range of textures will always bring excitement and personality to your projects. Contemporary weaves, decorative velvet’s and surface print wallpapers are being used to elevate and enhance rooms but how do you ensure texture isn’t just an afterthought?

You don’t need physical contact to appreciate texture, simple follow ILIV’s top decor tips below: 

Dreamy fabrics

Delve into fashionable fabrics which exude texture. Those which are likely to make it big this year are stylish, sumptuous and three-dimensional with colour palettes including ink, ivory, flint and mulberry. Check out the new Dimensions collection from iLiv. The mix and match rich velvets and raw weaves are excellent for curtains and upholstering, helping you to create an interior as individual as you are.

Take the rough with the smooth

Rough materials present earthy, grounded tones and can offer a rustic feel, while smooth textures can offer sleek or minimalistic effects and reflect light. When utilising materials in the home there is one winning formula to bear in mind and that is simply to use a balance of different materials to provide beautifully contrasting textures. Think rock, glass and wood against a plain white background or a heavy woven rug with dark shimmering sofas.


Patterns can help to add texture to a space as the repetition illustrates depth. Upbeat geometric prints and abstract designs create a powerful statement on walls. Be bold with monochromatic blacks, jewel amethysts and natural nature prints, to vibrant citrus shades and on-trend indigo blues.

Stay practical

One final consideration is to question the suitability of textures. While it may look very contemporary to have a highly polished marble floor, glass surfaces and sharp twiggy lighting, it may not be too practical if you have small children. If your room is small, too many patterns and textured fabrics could make it looked cramped and layers of material can attract dust.

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