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Skopos: Tea Garden and Interlace

In celebration on their 50 year anniversary, Skopos have been releasing new fabrics that revisit popular classics, looking back over the last 50 years.  [Find Skopos through BCFA Product Finder] Inspired by traditional Japanese brushwork and painting the Teahouse collection (2001) captured the contrast of delicate brushwork and the loose painting style synonymous with Eastern… Read More >

27 May 2022

Skopos Celebrate 50 Years

The early 70’s saw the birth of a new textile business in the Yorkshire town of Batley. With design and innovation at the heart of everything, three local art college students came together to build an energetic business, delivering eye-catching printed fabrics into healthcare and hospitality interiors. The students were influenced by graphics seen in… Read More >

1 February 2022