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What is Biophilia Design?

Biophilia design is a long-standing concept that designs should embrace the natural world to bring natural stimuli into man-made environments in order to bring benefits to those who use the space, including boosting productivity and health. In particular focus on education and workplace, Yarwood Leather attended a seminar held by KI Furniture and biophilic design… Read More >

30 April 2021

Jim Biddulph & Oliver Heath in Conversation

Over the past few years, there has been a steady rise in awareness of Biophilic Design principles and all their virtues. This has unfolded hand-in-hand with the term “wellbeing” going mainstream. The two are intertwined and offer designers guidance well beyond aesthetics and pure functionality alone. But will Biophilia only ever remain in the commercial… Read More >

13 February 2020