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Peeling back the surface of cork

Take yourself back to 1688 and imagine this conundrum; you’ve created a new form of carbonated wine made from the uncommonly used white grape, but you can’t keep those bubbles in. This was the scenario that French Benedictine monk Dom Pierre Perignon found himself in. Having created what would turn out to be one of… Read More >

30 August 2018


What happens when you explore cork through generative digital processes? What happens when you bring together technology, innovation and sustainability? What happens when young creative talent comes together in perfect harmony in an industry with over 50 years of existence? What happens when a brand decides to create locally and think globally? What happens when… Read More >

28 August 2018

All about Cork

As you may well be aware of by now, one of August’s themes has been Cork. The product – not the place. To celebrate this theme, we have featured Designer Michael Freedman speak about Cork usage in wallcoverings – the first ever cork wallcoverings that have been digitally printed on! Source: CorkQC About Cork Cork… Read More >

26 August 2018

Designer Q&A: Michael Freedman from Innovations Inc. [MATERIAL: CORK]

This months material theme is Cork and Innovations Wallcoverings, Inc. was a company discovered at 2017’s BDNY that uses this material. They were the first design studio to explore and create cork wallcoverings that were suitable for commercial interiors in 1999.  At BDNY we saw their first ever cork wallcoverings that have been digitally printed. We sat down… Read More >

1 August 2018