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Q&A: Martin Quirke, Architect and PhD Researcher Dementia Services Development Centre

Our focus this month is Emotion and with that in mind, we have looked at how design can effect emotions in a healthcare environment, where emotions can be exaggerated and fragile.  Martin Quirke, joined the University of Stirling design team in 2016. Having worked across a broad spectrum of project types, from housing to public buildings, Martin’s… Read More >

30 May 2018

ACME unveils baffling staircase prototype

Whilst we consider emotion within design this month we take a look at ACME’s staircase prototype which aims to evoke a sense of bafflement and wonder. ACME has completed a staircase prototype combining modern methods of construction with an adaptive design approach, created to work with a minimum of intervention within any building. The massive timber… Read More >

10 May 2018

Have Your Say… How can design evoke emotion?

This month Design Insider will be asking ‘How can design evoke emotion?’ We welcome you to join the discussion by leaving your opinion in a comment at the end of the article.  In what ways can design evoke emotion?  What are the benefits of creating designs that evoke emotion? We would love to hear about your examples, let… Read More >

10 May 2018

Colours: Provoking Emotion

A thrilling book can excite you, a scary movie can shock you, but a less obvious way of getting you to feel something is through colour. Colour is powerful tool that any Interior Designer must understand and consider for any project. It is a communication tool that can influence mood, signal action and can even… Read More >

10 May 2018