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Since 1978, Taylor’s Classics has been supplying traditional and modern furniture to bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes, cafés and pubs all over the world. Taylor’s Classics have recently re-vamped their traditional Bentwood range online & in their showroom, within the collection you will find Bentwood Chairs, Stools & Tables.

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The Grand Junction, Buckingham

What is Bentwood furniture?

Bentwood furniture is a piece where all or part of it is formed by wood that has been bent and shaped to achieve its final design, and you can commonly see this in certain makes of chairs and stools.

Bistro Sommelier, Dusseldorf

The bent pieces of wood can make up various elements of a chair or a stool. They can be curved slightly to form stylish legs, or they can be put to practical use. By bending wood into a circle, it can then be added with upholstery to form the seat of the stool itself, or alternatively, placed further down inside the legs to strengthen the entirety of the piece, ensuring it is durable and safe for people to sit on.

One of the benefits of bending wood to create a piece of furniture is the wonderfully imaginative finishes you can achieve.

How is Bentwood furniture made?

The Bentwood Process – Photo Credit: Fameg

The process of making an item of Bentwood furniture involves using a specialist method of soaking or steaming a good quality piece of wood which causes it to become wet and makes it manageable to bend and manipulate into the desired shape. Once the furniture manufacturer is satisfied with the form it’s taken, the object is then left to dry during which time the wood will harden and solidify into the shape it’s been given.

Customisable & Versatile

The versatility of Bentwood means furniture can be available in a variety of finishes, styles and colours which is why we believe it perfectly suits hospitality environments, such as pubs, hotels, and restaurants; no matter how the establishment looks, this range of furniture will finish it off beautifully.

The Hunters Moon, Chelsea

All the pieces within the collection are available in a selection of Taylor’s Classics exclusive stains & finishes and choice of polished or upholstered seats, making them easily adaptable to your desired look & colour scheme.

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