Taylor’s Classics: Exclusive Cast Iron Collection

Taylor’s Classics have recently added exciting new additions to their exclusive cast iron collection!

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The new new additions include Gothic and Claw and Ball table bases. We were keen to know more and so we sat down with Martin Taylor, Managing Director at Taylor’s Classics to discuss the designs and processes in more detail.

Taylor’s Classics Gothic Table Base

This collection is inspired by historic designs, could you provide details of the designers/manufacturers/makers or detailing of these historic designs?

Having been an antique dealer for 45 years and having done most of my dealing in the Midlands, quite often cast-iron table bases would appear on the market and over the years I started to put together a collection of the more unusual designs I came across.

Obviously Coalbrookdale in Staffordshire one would consider to be the birthplace of the industrial revolution and a major player in the cast-iron market… But there were many factories up and down the country, factories in Falkirk, Scotland which were very large producers, as were factories in Sheffield, Birmingham and Wales all producing heavy cast iron produces and small domestic items such as fireplaces, tables, water pumps and much more.  

One of the major pub furnishers of the time was Gaskell and Chambers. They had many designs in the brochures, the most popular being the 3-legged Britannia table, which I’m sure everyone is familiar with!

What I have tried to do over the years is find the more unusual designs, perhaps less popular at the time (or I would suggest more expensive to produce…) and put together a collection of over 30 various designs. They have been modified slightly so they now work in a hospitality setting!

Taylor’s Classics Gothic Table Base

You offer this collection in several finishes, could you talk us through the finish options, are they also inspired by historic designs?

With regards to finishing, we offer 3 standard finishes. They are: clear lacquer, a charcoal black and a colour which I would describe as a very dark greeny blue which was a finish that I found on a cast iron table that I brought a very long time ago and I love the finish very much! The date of the table, I think is about 1840/50, we sent the table off to our paint suppliers and they reproduced the colour for me.

We have a very talented finishing department here at Taylor’s and we can do most finishes, including gilding, bronze finish, distressing and we can even do powder coating for indoor or outdoor use!

Please have a look on our website at our video which shows you our gilding dept in action – Behind the scenes: The gilding process (video) (taylorsclassics.com).

Taylor’s Classics Gothic Table Base

This collection is manufactured in cast iron, what are the advantages and hurdles of this material and method of production?

Cast iron is a highly durable material and can withstand heavy use, it is resistant to warping and can endure harsh conditions making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is also known for its stability and sturdiness; it provides a solid and reliable base for tables, ensuring that they remain secure. It is distinct and timeless and adds a touch of elegance and individuality to any interior.

Another advantage would be that cast iron requires minimal maintenance, it has a long lifespan and I like to think that our tables when you come to the next refit, will have a good re-sale value too.

While cast iron offers many advantages and will add a lot to your establishment, it is important to note that it can be heavy.

Taylor’s Classics Claw & Ball Table Base

The cast iron bases in this collection coordinate with a selection of tabletops, what materials are these available in and how are they suited to hospitality settings?

When it comes to choosing tabletops to pair with cast-iron bases there are several options available depending on the desired style, functionality and budget.

Firstly, we have good old wooden tabletops such as solid oak or reclaimed wood. These create a warm and natural look when paired with cast bases, wood offers a classic and timeless appeal that can be finished in various stains or paint to match different situations.

Taylor’s Classics Claw & Ball Table Base

At Taylor’s over the years we have brought numerous reclaimed 18th and 19th century tables for the timber tops.

We also offer stone and marble tabletops which add a touch of luxury and sophistication, these natural materials offer unique veining and patterns, creating an elegant focal point. Marble and stone tops are durable and heat resistant but may require maintenance to prevent staining or etching.

Taylor’s Classics Claw & Ball Table Base

Other options also include copper tops, lino inlay and iroko slatted for outdoor use. 

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