TC Group Brand ‘Titan’ Launch New Healthcare Furniture

TC Group brand ‘Titan’¬†have recently launched a series of healthcare seating products which have been developed with stakeholders within the NHS and healthcare industries (including nurses, matrons, infection control & procurement). Through this process and through their feedback we have designed a series of seating which is easy and quick to clean thoroughly. There are also no areas which can trap dirt and potentially spread dangerous bacteria.

Sample Hospital 1

To complement the easy clean design features of these chairs we have also developed and used an antimicrobial material which we have independently tested to destroy >99.9% of bacteria which comes into contact with the surface (Specifically MRSA and E.coli), thus providing additional protection against bacterial infections in between cleans and in high traffic areas such as visitor chairs at bedsides, consultant rooms and waiting areas.

Sample Hospital 2

We have recently finalised show wards in several trusts including North Lincolnshire, Hampshire and Bristol where infection control teams have specified these to assist in the day to day protection of patients from life threatening infections.

Sample Hospital 3

In addition to this seating range we are in the process of developing several new products including a beam seat for waiting rooms, drip stands and bedside furniture which are likely to be released this year.


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