Tektura Autumn ’21: New Fabric Back

Let’s start off with stone. All about touch, it’s not just the raw, rough textures here… polished surfaces have their place too. Three of our new designs fall into this category – PLASTER, MARMORINO and MANTRA. PLASTER is rough, textured and tactile. In contrast MARMORINO is totally smooth. Some colours are matt, whilst a couple have a metallic sheen for a smart and polished look. MANTRA, on the other hand, has a more textured surface and incorporates seams of colour and metallic ink for a dramatic look.

Next up is silks and florals. From large scale painterly prints to classic slubby silks, we have five new designs that join this group. First up is MOONFLOWER (https://www.tektura.com/product/moonflower/MOO05) – a dramatic floral print that’s perfect for adding a touch of luxury to a feature wall. Next is HONORÉ BLOSSOM (https://www.tektura.com/product/honore-blossom/HONB21) and it’s coordinating silk – a painterly medium sized floral with a softer feel, HONORÉ BLOSSOM comes in a variety of soothing colourways alongside it’s elegant silk coordinate. Finally, HABERDASHER & STRIPE (https://www.tektura.com/product/haberdasher-stripe/HABS07) – a luxurious woven silk with a coordinating subtle wide stripe design, HABERDASHER is a timeless addition to our library

Now onto wood. Rough, smooth, patterned, textured – we’ve got all kinds of wood designs in our library and 2 more new designs to add. A fine wood grain with a smooth matt surface, LACEWOOD (https://www.tektura.com/product/lacewood/LAC8434) comes alongside coordinate LACEWOOD GEO (https://www.tektura.com/product/lacewood-geo/LACG8444). With a finely structured geometric overprint, LACEWOOD GEO features driftwood white and the warmth of oak alongside the rich, intense hues of mahogany and ebony.

It wouldn’t be product launch without some new weaves, and we’re adding five more to our wallcovering library. With timeless appeal and the enduring quality of linen and grasscloth, FREYA (https://www.tektura.com/product/freya/FRE53549), ANTIQUE LINEN (https://www.tektura.com/product/antique-linen/ANT8369), HEMP (https://www.tektura.com/product/hemp/HEM8334), SEAGRASS (https://www.tektura.com/product/seagrass/SEA01) and RAMIE (https://www.tektura.com/product/ramie/RAM07) are newcomers to the mix. FREYA is a finely textured washed linen. A slubby linen weave, ANTIQUE LINEN brings a modern edge to a classic look. A versatile weave with a smooth texture and either a matt, pearl or iridescent surface, HEMP is stylish and sophisticated. Woven grasses are in this mix too. SEAGRASS is a larger scale grasscloth, with a more dramatic colour palette. A classic textured weave in smokier colours, RAMIE is the final design to join this group. 

KIAWAH (https://www.tektura.com/product/kiawah/KIA09), SANDSCAPE (https://www.tektura.com/product/sandscape/SAN21) and RETRO (https://www.tektura.com/product/retro/RET47920) form our painterly patterns group. This is where colours clash and collide. You’ll see those pops of intense orange, turquoise, teal in amongst softer neutrals and monochromes. KIAWAH is made up of block-like painterly sweeps of colour. Creating the illusion of seascapes or rock strata, colours range from ocean-inspired aquas to dramatic monochrome, oxidised rock and sun-bleached sand. Restful colours and soft undulating curves combine to create SANDSCAPE. The design calls to mind distant vistas, breeze rippled surfaces, or contours of the land. A contemporary take on design inspired by Mid-Century Modern, the Memphis Movement and pop…RETRO is a mix of semi-circles, quadrants and blocks, overlapping a layered up in translucent colours.

Our final category is all about tartans and tweeds. Creating a cosy, comforting environment, we have three new designs in this group – TATTERSALL PLAID (https://www.tektura.com/product/tattersall-plaid/TAT01), BRIGADOON (https://www.tektura.com/product/brigadoon/BRI08) and HERRINGBONE ROW (https://www.tektura.com/product/herringbone-row/T2HR03). A large scale, finely woven plaid, TATTERSALL PLAID brings a heritage look that is both timeless and contemporary. BRIGADOON is a fine linen weave with a very subtle plaid effect. And finally, HERRINGBONE ROW is a classic tailored herringbone that’s perfect for injecting a bit of warmth into an interior.

All of Tektura’s wallcoverings conform to fire ratings for public areas, are scrubbable and can be cleaned with diluted bleach.


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