Tektura New Designs

Just when you thought you’d seen everything that Tektura have to offer, they are launching more brand new designs…


A sculpted, three dimensional architectural design – this clever effect is created with print alone – it’s totally smooth!  Trilogy comes in a range of shades of white and neutrals, with on-trend mid century accents.

Suwide Trilogy small

Trilogy mood


Ravi is deeply embossed with the feel of crystallised glass. Colours range from chalky peaches and rose gold, to rich jewel tones.

New Ravi



Ellis was inspired by real linen and horsehair fabrics.  This open weave design has exposed threads, and a hint of shimmer – all in soft earthy colours.

Suwide Ellis green

Ellis mood



There’s a hint of canvas about Chant.  It’s sunbleached, loosely woven, creased and pleated.  Soft powdery tones dominate, and there’s copper highlights too.

chant mood


Groove and Ridge are among our best selling designs. Here are two variations on this timeless linear, layered look – Ridge is deeply embossed in stark white, black, jewel tones and metallics.  An extra layer of print is added to Groove, reinforcing the linear effect – all in neutral greys, whites, black and brown.  Freshened up and modernised, be sure to check out the new colours.


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