Tektura’s NEW designs for January 2018

From bold geometric patterns inspired by brutalist architecture and sharp edges in fashion to surreal dreamscapes inspired by organic shapes and natural forms…

Tektura are pulling out all the stops this year with a launch of 12 new designs taking inspiration from the spikiest of edges to the most delicate sunset. We take a look at these new collections split by two very different names – Metropolis and Utopia.

MetropolisMetroplois collection tektura web

Left to Right: Cadence, Empire Edge, Metropolis, Skyscraper, Labyrinth, Jigsaw

Any film buff would have heard of the 1920’s silent classic, Metropolis by Fritz Lang. The film embodies an edgy, dark and moody style that can be seen as a key influence of these latest designs. Oozing an atmosphere of drama, Tektura found themselves obsessed with the shapes and angles of its looming architecture, teetering skyscrapers and steampunk mechanisms.

They didn’t stop at this iconic visual experience, Tektura didn’t have to look to far in the past to see modern media being influenced by this…Think Blade Runner, Star Wars and even fashion! Fashion designers such as Tom Ford, Versace, Max Mara and Givenchy have all captured sculptured shapes and metal seams are direct descendants of the film style; even pop icons Madonna and Lady Gaga have taken inspiration from Metropolis.

metropolis moodboard

Utopiautopia tektura colletion web

Left to Right: Wired, Mineral, Ammonite, Illusion, Causeway, Ink’d

Natural forms, organic shapes and surreal dreamscapes inspire the second collection, Utopia is all about bringing it back to basics, to the forms and shapes we see in the natural world.

Taking inspiration from geological formations, dew-laden cobwebs and seams of molten metals. Swiftly we moved from the angles of urban architecture to organic shapes and textures: a softer, dreamier landscape. Dipping into history once more, Tektura take inspiration from fossils (yes THAT far back!) and prehistoric rock formations including the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

Stone effects blend with muted earthy shades, soft blues and pinks merge with the vivid magentas of a vibrant sunset. We see primeval gaseous clouds and the aurea borealis meld with painterly pattern and soft shadowy shapes.utopia moodboardAll of these new collections are fabric-backed vinyls: heavyweight, durable, scrubbable and fire rated so ideal for public areas, corridors and stairwells.

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