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ege carpets presents flooring trends for hotels

Most will agree that you get the best travel experience when a distinctive hotel profile is successfully combined with a sprinkling of home comforts. Carpet is a strong vehicle for creating a unique design expression in the lobby, corridor, restaurant or hotel room. ege carpets produces custom-designed carpets with endless permutations and the possibility of making the design highlight aspects of the hotel’s history, identity or location.

Nothing beats the luxurious feeling of soft carpet under your feet. Carpet absorbs much of the sound that hits its surface. It reduces sounds from adjoining rooms and corridors to provide ideal conditions for the holidaymaker and business traveler to relax.

High quality carpets are durable. They last for years and are therefore a good investment, which gives guests a pleasant impression of the hotel room even when many guests have stayed there. Carpets also impact the indoor climate, minimising dust particles in the air.

But how do you decide which collection or custom-design to go for? ege carpets now gives you the three strongest carpet trends to ease your decision making process.

Three strong carpet trends

Multiple layers:

Carpets are no longer seen as something linear but instead as a multidimensional design element, you can keep on exploring. These carpets are designed to tell a story with new details to be revealed all the time. Canvas Collage and Fields of Flow express the essence of the multidimensional trend with illustrations and patterns combined and designed in layers on top of each other.

Canvas Collage_RF52752823 Octo

“Carpets are no longer seen as something linear but instead as a multidimensional design element”

Fields of Flow_RF52752880 Watercolour

Colourful designs

Scandinavian design is known all over the world for its cool elegance often represented by 50 different shades of black, white and grey. However, colours have now become more popular in hotel interior design and previously added by curtains and cushions attention has now been drawn to carpets. Montgolfier represents the very first ege couture collection with a colourful twist and the custom-made carpet for Regal l-Club in China is another example of bright colours in carpet design.


CN_Regal I-Club Hotel_006

Geometric shapes

Though carpets are supposed to be soft, they are still allowed to have a little edge from geometric motives that create a simple but often spectacular expression. Valverde Hotel in Portugal has managed to create a very interesting look by choosing ege carpets’ design spot collection Reconstructions of the 1930’s. The collection embraces a geometric universe of graphic patterns in monochrome grey, white light beige and black tones. Being inspired by for example Art Deco and Le Corbusier the collection has a functional design expression with characteristic geometric shapes such as cubes, circles, cylinders and pyramids.

Holet Valverde_Decorpisus-24


ege carpets offers a wide selection of designer and custom-made collections. Through the years, ege has worked with designers such as Mr. Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel. In February 2016 ege carpets launches the new collection ‘Industrial Landscapes’ designed by Tom Dixon at Stockholm Furniture Fair.

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