The Alchemist Embarks on Stunning Redesign of Original Manchester Site with DesignLSM

The Alchemist, Spinningfields Manchester, the original site of this iconic brand, is due to be refurbished, with the project spearheaded by award-winning multi-disciplined design agency, DesignLSM

Founded in 2010, The Alchemist – which now has 20 venues across the country – sets itself apart from the modern-day restaurant and bar. Providing a theatrical and immersive all-day drinking and dining destination, the new Manchester refurbishment will see DesignLSM create a concept that draws inspiration from the origins of the universe. 

Set to deliver a dynamic experience for guests, the design – influenced by the search for the elixir of life and humanity’s continual fascination with our own origins and the subsequent exploration of the universe – references colours created through supernovas and swirling gasses, intertwined with the patterns and forms of orbital pathways of planets.

Playing upon astronomical dynamism, the bar – now a striking focal point – accentuates the relationship between light and the creation of form. The design plays with materiality such as rich base metals and an evolving lighting feature that emulates the daily transition of the sun.

The innovative and captivating design narrative will invigorate the space of one of Manchester’s most renowned drinking hot spots.   

The Alchemist Spinningfields is set to reopen end of March 2022. 


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