Unlocking the transformative power of colour, the new Zoffany ‘Alchemy of Colour’ paint collection launches this season with 19 new paint colours. Renowned for exceptional coverage and depth of colour, Zoffany paint envelops a room in a dramatic, artistic and luxurious atmosphere.

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The Zoffany design team set up their ‘alchemist’ studio, with the intention to distil colour back to its original essence. Extracting natural plant dyes and crushing minerals to create their own pigments that emanate the jewel-like colours found in silk documents within the Zoffany archive, they composed an extraordinary diversity of rich and complex colours, and experimented with these hues across a mixture of exquisite yarns. The ‘Alchemy of Colour’ work has defined and curated a palette of pure colours that are intrinsic to the brand and will transcend all product categories, inspiring dramatic interiors.

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 Peter Gomez, Head of the Zoffany studio comments:

‘These pure colours have been singing through our wallcoverings and fabrics since AW16, but this is the first time we have transformed these hues into paint colours. The development of this launch required meticulously blending tones to create authentic shades of new neutrals, earthy greens and salient highlight colours. The movement towards darker backdrops within contemporary interior schemes invited us to reintroduce black into our range for this launch. We’ve explored the different aesthetic effects of this renowned colour and have embodied its abilities to both enliven and cool a scheme within two varied saturations – ‘Vine Black’ and ‘Bone Black’.

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Concentrated colours traditionally sat within entertaining and occasional rooms, but as colour confidence has evolved bolder tones are now being adopted into bedrooms and bathrooms. Epitomising this progression in interiors the dynamic Zoffany highlight colours of, ‘Tigers Eye’, ‘Lazuli’, ‘Poison’ and ‘Koi Carp’ are presented here as clean, empowering shades that can invigorate any setting. Offsetting the pronounced feature tones, are subtler, muted colours such as ‘Half Smoked Pearl’, ‘Hessian Green’ and ‘Taylor’s Grey’.

All 156 Zoffany paint colours are now tinted in-house in Zoffany’s UK production facility, which means that these inimitable hues are mixed by the same skilled colourists responsible for wallpaper production.

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