The curtains to match

Last year we highlighted Vescom wallcoverings that were truly inspired by nature (Click here to see the article). We can now show you the curtain fabrics that can be perfectly combined to match with these…

Liran, Faray and Mioko have a warm natural look and an extensive colour pallet and again have been inspired by the natural world. Combining these new opions with the wallcoverings previously mentioned, Onari, Greenbo and Millwood, would form a stylish and comfortable interior.

Liran has a soft, woolly look whilst still giving a beautiful sheen. (Pictured below)

Mioko a solid, basic product giving a lovely soft look and an elegant sheen.

Faray gives an organic and natural look and is reversible, which makes this one extra special!Vescom 2017Click here for more information about Vescom


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