The Newest Lasvit Creations for Meet d3 Event

Lasvit unveiled their latest bespoke creations during the Meet d3 event that took place on December 8-10 at d3, Dubai. The company also offered its hugely popular ´Lasvit Glass Experience show’ at the event aptly themed Celebrating Creativity.Glass BlowersMohammad Saeed Al Shehhi, COO of Dubai Design District, commented;

“Lasvit have been an important part in the development of d3 and we’re proud to have partnered with them to produce such wonderful installations which took centre stage in The Design Quarter. We’re again thrilled that they brought their Glass Experience to Meet d3 for everyone to enjoy”

The guests were not limited to mere spectatorship, guests were invited to participate in glass blowing to witness the magical process of transforming raw glass into original glass objects. Combining different approaches and glass-blowing techniques including free hand glass blowing and mold glass blowing, visitors were transported to the Bohemian age of craftsmanship.

The kinetic sculpture aptly named Pulse adorned the atrium of the Core 4 building.pulsePulse brings the entire space to life.  Inspired by the pulse of human heart when in motion, at first the individual elements disperse throughout the atrium, imitating the glass-making sands when scattered on the ground. And as the sand would melt into one cohesive whole, the elements of the sculpture then join into one compact animated shape. Rising and falling as waves, slowing down or speeding up at will, the abstract composition is brought to life.

Necklace, the dynamic lighting installation fills the atrium of the Core 6 building with its sheer size of 18 meters in length and 15 meters in width.Necklace_Lasvit_Dynamic_Installation (2)resizeNecklace is one of the largest lighting sculptures ever made worldwide, with unique features. The sculpture is fully controllable remotely through an iPhone application. The individual glass elements with their reflective qualities and surface textures allow the permeation of light, enabling Necklace to showcase its chameleon-like qualities when shifting the colour scheme from cold to warm hues. The possibility of using this glass surface as a projection screen for video reflects the utter flexibility of the sculpture’s concept.

d3 is the realisation of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s ambition to establish a dedicated home for design in Dubai. It is playing a key role in bringing to life His Highness’ vision to drive an innovation-led economy that welcomes creativity in all its forms. With over 200 licenses issued, d3 secured an impressive mix of design, retail, fashion companies, both regional and local. This includes some of the region’s most well-respected brands such as the Chalhoub Group and Jumeirah Group, through to talented emerging designers. “Meet d3” community event showcases some exciting local and regional designers work for the public to enjoy.



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