The patented Ecotrust backing is used on Ege’s Una Mikado and Epoca Rustic Carpets

Two designs from Ege Carpets have been created using the patented Ecotrust backing made from recycled water bottles. The bottles are transformed into a strong felt material that holds acoustic benefits as well as being an eco-friendly option for designers. 

The two collections from Ege Carpets are Una Mikado – a dramatic carpet available as tiles or broadloom and Epoca Rustic – a flat-woven surface highlighting perfectly imperfect craftsmanship.Una_Mikado Ecotrust_083473048_Quarterturn_Close up_001 webUna Mikado’s design is an interesting stick pattern inspired by the Japanese confectionery, Mikado – A thin biscuit stick covered in chocolate. The visual effect is reminiscent of a spiders web and is very captivating for the eye. Ege uses a ‘cut & loop’ technology that gives the collection it’s special 3D effect, with a loop pile for the background and a cut pile for the Mikado sticks, which are dropped in a quirky random pattern.

You have the option to be bold and use contrasting colours or you can go minimalist with tone-on-tone colour schemes.Una_Mikado_0835550_Close up_001 webEpoca Rustic is a flat-woven surface that has all the beautiful irregularities that comes with age-old craftsmanship but still achieves a raw, high quality look. This collection comes in 32 different colours, that are inspired by natural materials such as stone, bark and soil. If you are after a bolder look, there are also brighter offerings available in Aqua, mustard and raspberry.

Both of these collections are Cradle to Cradle Certified TM.Epoca Rustic Ecotrust_083221048_Quarterturn_Close up_001_100procent web

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