The Sofa & Chair Company Debuts the Chloe Bed

Tranquillity and harmony are the essential ingredients for a space to ensure a good night’s sleep. With this at the core of their recent design ethos, The Sofa & Chair Company’s latest addition to its portfolio of handmade beds is the ‘Chloe’, a timely companion to one’s wellbeing routine and created for the modern London couple.

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Mirroring the soft and relaxing radiance of the Mediterranean, Chloe is the perfect bedroom centrepiece and an ode to Italian craftsmanship. The refined wood base, furnished by The Sofa & Chair Company’s team of artisans, makes for the perfect bed foundation alongside its detachable premium leather cover. A modern shape with a timeless impact, the elegant headboard is versatile, complementing a wide spectrum of interior design styles.

“With this design, the team and I had peace in mind,” says The Sofa & Chair Company’s designer Boyan Grigorov. “As ever inspired by London as we are other corners of the world, we cannot ignore that with the city’s liveliness, comes the stress of a busy day. The Chloe bed was created with the vision of returning to a safe haven after being exposed to a city’s loud noises and activity, almost like a retreat.”

Founded in 2003, The Sofa & Chair Company is the UK’s leading manufacturer of luxury sofas and bespoke furniture for both commercial and retail application. Dedicated to true British craftsmanship, they pride themselves on having only the finest manufacturing practices, authentic materials and a steadfast commitment to quality.

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