This year at DesignJunction with Will Sorrell

On the lead up to London Design Festival we caught up with Design Junctions Event Director Will Sorrell to find out what we can expect at this years event.

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Will Sorrell photographed at UAL Central Saint Martins, London, UK, on 03/08/2017. All rights reserved © Magnus Andersson

So, back again this year at kings cross? What makes this location special? 

Two things. The geographic location – five tube lines, two national rail stations, and the fact you can be in designjunction from Paris in less than three hours. Also the area is the perfect context for the show, a high-end development. The products being launched in our show will end up in the residential and commercial builds going on right now and over the next several years.

Is there going to be a running theme throughout this years design junction? 

Yes, we’ve been running a campaign over the last few months looking at ‘#wheredesignmeets’ different environments, for example workplace and home, through projects. Also #wheredesignmeets different disciplines, for example art and fashion, through collaborations. We see ourselves as a junction of commerce, culture and ideas.

What are you most looking forward to at this years show? 

We have some great new international exhibitors like La Palma, Fredericia, and Rich Brilliant and Willing, which this year is nicely complimented by a strong contingent of returning British companies including Isokon, Morgan, Very Good and Proper and Decode, amongst others.

What is the importance of being associated with London Design Festival? 

It’s an essential relationship. The critical mass of events means there’s a big influx of international trade visitors every September. In King’s Cross we’re in a perfect place to receive them.

DJ_London_lapalma_Add seating system hall (1)

How do you think LDF competes against other international shows such Milan Design week? 

I think they are very different things. Milan has been evolving organically for decades without any overarching control, whereas LDF is a carefully orchestrated event. They both have their own chaos and beauty in different ways. But London is such a strong market now, with the massive volume of international architecture firms based here.

And finally, if you could sum up ‘good design’ in one word, what would it be? And why? 

Delight. Because the other option is ‘function’, and I wouldn’t be delighted if it didn’t work.




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